Token Ownership Verification Failed

There are a number of reasons that you might be unable to verify your token ownership and the most common ones are:

1. Contract created by a contract

If your contract address was created by another contract address, you will not be able to verify your ownership by the normal process, that is via this page. This is because since a contract address does not have a private key, and is unable to sign a message, our method of ownership verification will not work with these contract addresses.

If you are having this issue, please refer to our article here

2. Message signed by the wrong address

By default, we would require the contract creator to sign a message to verify their ownership. This can be checked by referring to the section highlighted in the screenshot below:

Following this, to verify your ownership, you need to login to the creator address as stated in the section (as in the screenshot above) on your token's page before signing the verification message and pasting the Signed Message and Message Signature Hash) in their respective fields on our page here:

(Refer here on how to sign a message using MyCrypto)

3. Wrong/incomplete information

This is more of a simple mistake in making sure the right value is filled in the right field correctly.

In the page shown in the screenshot above, there are two fields you are required to fill. For the field Signed Message, you need to copy and paste the entire message that was signed into this field. As for the Message Signature Hash, this is where you copy and paste the string of numbers and letters that looks like a transaction hash.

Make sure to copy the values like how is shown below:

  "address": "0xe05253af5d1c04c7f22f1b5738f6a6b998833b3d",
  "msg": "For example purposes only",
  "sig": "0xc41e6f37553423fa410a2a6119b72ea380f474ea6aa82144f48e147f977102736d052ffd1ace402bbc450d5ea7aa2652f0394cb98519185cd5ee8dc3f04cd96e1c",
  "version": "2"

For Signed Message, copy ONLY the message in the "msg" parameter (NOT including the " " before and after the message: For example purposes only) while for Message Signature Hash, copy ONLY the characters from the "sig" parameter starting from 0x until the last character of the string. Kindly take note to not copy the " " before and after the message/string.

  • Kaven Choi