Contract Created by Contract

If you are reading this entry, chances are you were not able to verify your ownership over your contract address due to an error like the one below:

This would happen if your contract address is created or deployed by another contract address - as the notice’s header would suggest.

Usually, for a contract address that is created by a normal address, the contract address’ creator would be required to sign a verifiable customised message so that we can prove that it is truly the contract’s creator that is claiming the contract address’ ownership.

However, in the case of a contract address created by another contract address, since a contract address does not have a private key, and is unable to sign a message, our method of ownership verification will not work with these contract addresses.

So how we would tackle this setback is by requiring the creator of the contract address that created your contract address to verify their involvement in the contract address creation and also your ownership of the contract address.

An example of how the creator can verify the above is by signing a message that would loosely mean: I am the creator of the token contract address [your contract address] and [your wallet address/your Etherscan username] is the owner of the contract address.

Refer How To Sign A Message Using MyCrypto?

Additionally, for a smart contract that is created using a smart contract factory, kindly get the address of the main contract or the defined owner in the contract to sign an equivalent of the above message. An example of this kind of case will be: A developer deploys the main contract (deployer) which then deploys multiple contracts.

Nonetheless, depending on the case, suitability and situation, other methods of verification could also be utilised. Ultimately, kindly contact us through this form and provide us with the contract address so that we can further assist you in verifying your ownership.

  • Kaven Choi
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