Community Poll Review - January 2024

How do you think you did on this quiz? Let's review the questions together below:

How many Beacon Withdrawals are there in block 17034874?

There is a total of 2 Beacon Withdrawals in block 17034874.

Which feature update helps users make sure they are copying the correct address and not a spoofed address?

Address poisoning attacks are getting more elaborate in 2023 and we have released a number of features that help lower the chances of users copying spoofed addresses when they're doing transactions on Ethereum.

These features include:

Which feature allows you to track & interact with contracts / addresses across multiple EVM chains?

Team Etherscan released a range of features to help you track & interact with contracts and addresses easily across the various EVM chains currently tracked by us.

These features include:

Which feature in Etherscan Browser Extension allows you to right click search onchain data when browsing web pages?

When you have the Search in Etherscan option enabled in Etherscan Browser Extension settings, you are able to perform a simple right click search of any Ethereum addresses, transaction hashes, block numbers, and domain names easily while browsing your favorite websites.

Learn more of this feature here.

Teck Yuan Lee
Teck Yuan Lee
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