Etherscan Browser Extension

The Etherscan Browser Extension is a handy tool for Ethereum users. It provides real-time gas price updates and a simple search for any onchain items with a single click.

In this tutorial, we will go through the features that come with the browser extension. To begin, click on the link below to download the extension:

Main Display

  1. Badge Notification: This displays the latest average gas price at all times. This helps you make transactions easily without having to open a new gas tracker page to check for the latest gas prices.
  2. Dark Mode Toggle: Click to toggle between light and dark mode.
  3. Settings: Click to tweak additional settings for the extension.
  4. Latest Block Number: This shows the latest block number that has been produced on Ethereum.
  5. Next Update: This shows the countdown to the next refresh of the block number and gas prices.
  6. Date and Time: This shows the current day, date, and time in your local time zone.
  7. Latest Gas Prices: This shows the latest transaction gas prices on Ethereum, with low, average, and high levels.
  8. View in Etherscan: Click on this to go to the Gas Tracker page on Etherscan to view more information on gas prices.


  1. Back to Main: Click on this to go back to the Main Display.
  2. Gas Price Alerts: Click on this to enable desktop notifications when gas price hits a certain amount.
  3. API Key: Click on this to insert your own Etherscan API key for improved rate limits to display the latest gas prices and block number at all times.
  4. Badge Notification: Click here to enable gas price badge notification.
  5. Search in Etherscan: Click here to enable highlighting of text on other websites and search in Etherscan.

Search in Etherscan

The Search in Etherscan feature is a helpful tool that helps you search for Ethereum addresses, transaction hashes, block numbers, and domain names easily while browsing your favorite websites.

For example, when browsing smart contract codes on Github, simply highlight the smart contract address, right click, and select "Search in Etherscan". This will bring you to the smart contract address page on Etherscan.

You can also do the same with transaction hashes, block numbers, and domain names. Feel free to highlight one of the items below to try it out:

Beacon Deposit Contract Address: 0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa
Beacon Contract Creation Transaction: 0xe75fb554e433e03763a1560646ee22dcb74e5274b34c5ad644e7c0f619a7e1d0
The Merge Block Number: 15537394
Domain Name: vitalik.eth

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