ERC-20 Token Transfer Might Have Failed?

Whenever there is an ERC-20 token transfer might have failed error, the amount/token the sender sent does not leave the sender address but the “Gas Fee” is deducted.

The main reasons are on the contract & token failure nature. Below are the most common reasons why an ERC-20 token transfer might have failed:

  1. The Token contract is locked or paused (tokens are not transferable yet).The variables include: minting, mintingFinished, paused, transferable, transferableStartTime, paused, locked
  2. The sending From address has an insufficient token balance. Please ensure that the sending address has enough balance of the transferring token before sending token to another address
  3. Token contract does not emit a Transfer event even though the balance is actually deducted (Not fully ERC-20 Compliant). The token contract of a specific token does not provide a valid transfer event log thus causing the transaction to fail. This issue is due to the compliance policy toward ERC-20 tokens.

For additional assistance, please contact the sender/transaction creator directly for more information.

  • Kaven Choi