Unstoppable Domain Name Tags on Etherscan

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain-based domain name system that allows users to create and manage websites, wallets, and payment systems. These domains are stored on a blockchain network, providing users with complete ownership and control over their domains without the need for a third-party registrar. This makes Unstoppable Domains immune to censorship and domain seizures, ensuring that users can maintain their online presence and access their digital assets.

At Etherscan, we have enabled Unstoppable Domain names to be shown directly on the website's interface as Name Tags. We also provide users with a directory to look for any registered address.

Steps to add an Unstoppable Domain name tag

To have the name tag displayed on Etherscan, you will need to set up both forward and reverse resolution and point each to the same address and name.


  1. Look for and register an available Unstoppable Domain name here: unstoppabledomains.com
  1. Register a domain and decide whether you want the domain to be purchased as self-custody or parking. Skip to step (4) if you chose ‘parking’ option.
  1. Once the domain name has been purchased, Unstoppable Domain will create a wallet to send the domain to. You will need to transfer the domain to your own wallet within 7 days of purchasing. In order to do that, you need to add your email to your account to claim the domain name.
  1. Once claimed, you can update your social profile and add other addresses that you have on other chains.
  1. Make sure that you set the reverse resolution for the name to appear on Etherscan.

Once you have completed all the steps above, you will see your Unstoppable Domain Name Tag displayed on the Address page on Etherscan.

Important Considerations

  1. An Unstoppable Domain name may not necessarily be owned by the person or entity popularly associated with the name. For example, elon.x and tesla.nft may have been bought by a random member of the community instead of Elon Musk or Tesla, Inc. Please take care not to fall for any tricks related to any mis-association of names.
  2. If you prefer not to have your Unstoppable Domain name displayed on Etherscan, simply remove either the forward or reverse resolution from the same address.
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Faiz Adnan
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