Transaction marked “Success”, but I can’t see my funds. Why?

When a transaction is marked successful on, this transaction is permanent and irreversible on the Ethereum network. There are several instances where your transaction is successful but you do not see your funds in your address or your exchange’s address. Below are several scenarios:

  1. Token
  • Under Token Transfer tab

    • If the transaction involves tokens, your transaction will be listed under the “Token Transfer” tab.
  • “Token Balances”

    • If you do not see your token under “Token Balances” but the transfer of token is successfully displayed under the “Token Transfer” tab, this is most probably due to a server delay on the refresh for “Token Balances”.

    • You may need to manually refresh the counter of your token for “Token Balances”:

      • Go to the “Token Transfer” tab under your address.

      • Click on the token name on the far right of the “Token Transfer” page for the transaction of the token that is missing under “Token Balances”.

      • You will be brought to the token page filtered by your address. Your token balance will be refreshed and should reflect the correct amount.

      • Click on your address under “Token Holder” to go back to the Address page.

      • Now you should see that your Token Tracker count is updated.

  1. Exchanges
  • Internal transaction

    • The transaction from a contract execution will be displayed under the “Internal Transaction” tab. The exchanges’ depositing process recognizes transactions under the transaction tab. If your funds are being deposited to your exchange deposit address through a contract execution, it will be displayed under the “Internal Transaction” tab, so some exchanges may not be able to record your funds. Under these circumstances, you need to contact your exchange for a manual recording of the funds.
  • Exchange minimum deposit amount

    • Different exchanges have different minimum deposit amounts. The minimum deposit amount is the amount you required to deposit in order for the funds to be reflected in your exchange account. It is recommended that you check with your exchange for the minimum deposit amount before depositing any funds to your exchange depositing address.
  • Block Confirmation

    • Even though a successful transaction from your wallet address to an exchange has been processed on the blockchain, the funds may not be immediately reflected in the exchange. This is because most exchanges require your transaction to reach a specific number of block confirmations before they will credit the funds to your account. The higher number of block confirmations, the more secure the transaction is considered to be, with a lower probability of reversal. You can find out the required number of block confirmations from the exchange. After the required number of block confirmations have been achieved, your funds will automatically be reflected in your exchange account. If the funds are not reflected even after the required number of block confirmations have been achieved, please contact the exchange for further assistance.
Raja Amir
Raja Amir
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