Transaction Action: Making Sense of Complex Transactions

Progress in smart contract programming have allowed for increasingly complex transactions in recent times. While making for powerful possibilities, some of these transactions have turned out to be difficult for users to decipher.

28 tokens transferred... what is going on here?

Enter Transaction Action. This feature abstracts away miscellaneous information and highlights only the key events that are relevant to the end user.

The same transaction above via Transaction Action

With this feature, users are able to quickly tell what is actually occurring in a transaction without having to sift through countless rows of event logs.

Some examples of transactions with this feature include:

  • Token swaps on Uniswap
  • COMP rewards from Compound
  • ENS registrations
  • Gitcoin donations
  • NFT trades on OpenSea

Making transaction details more accessible is inherent in our mission to provide equitable access to blockchain data. The Transaction Action feature will continue to be built out to support more transactions. To streamline new additions, we will introduce a submission process soon. Stay tuned!

Harith Kamarul
Harith Kamarul
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