Token Info Submission Guidelines

As an Ethereum blockchain explorer, it is of utmost importance to us that Ethereum users are provided with as much data and information as possible on tokens and projects within the ecosystem. One of the ways that this is realised is through our Token and Dapp pages where they are updated based on the information provided by their creator or project team members.

Example of an updated Token page where all on-chain and relevant off-chain information of the token are available 
Example of a Token page in its default state with only on-chain data available.

The Process

The general process of updating a token page begins with submitting the required information for your token via our form here after you have verified your ownership of the token's contract address (refer: How to Verify Contract Address Ownership?) and published the source code of the token's contract address (do so here). After your Token Update request is submitted, it will then be reviewed and assessed by our team before it can be updated into our website.

The normal waiting period for the whole process (from submitting the information to having them updated) would usually take around 3 to 5 working days. However, during the period where unexpected surges of requests come in, it might take up to 5 to 7 working days.

The Ground Rules & Facts:

As we receive a significant amount of token update requests on a daily basis, it is imperative to us that minimal friction is encountered when reviewing the submissions so as to provide a fair and convenient experience to all token creators/developers on our platform. Hence, a few ground rules are devised:

  • Token Update requests should always be submitted ONLY through our official form. Requests submitted through other channels will not be entertained.
  • DO NOT contact our team members personally through their social profiles or other channels to expedite your requests.
  • DO NOT submit multiple submissions for the same contract address as this will create unnecessary backlogs and will result in a longer processing/waiting time.
  • Occassionally, additional information may be requested from our team to support your submission.
  • If you believe the team is taking too long to process your submission, kindly write to us in an email replying to your original submission instead of sending in a new separate email .
  • Having your token updated on our website is and will always be free. Our team will never ask for a payment to help you with your submission. Anyone claiming to be from our team asking for a fee or a payment to update your token on our website is most probably a fraud.
  • If the profiles used are believed to be of impersonation or not as claimed, the submission will be rejected
  • Make sure that the token name, logo, designs, symbol and other information are not fraudulent, susceptible to copyright infringement or are a misrepresentation of public entities or other projects
  • Every submission is final and you will not be able to edit or amend any part of the submission once it has been sent.
  • Offering us money or any other 'incentives' to speed up your Token Update request will not be entertained.
  • We reserve the right to delist/unpublish any token or project should we found any information provided by the token creator/owner as inaccurate or altered in any way.

Specific Criteria

Generally, it is essential that all the information provided are accessible in the sense that there are no dead links in the submission. As for the specifics, kindly refer to the points below:

1. Basic Information
This section includes the basic and general information of the project (website, official email address, description, sector, team members, logo, et al).

  • Make sure the website is accessible and all links on the website are working
  • Website has clear and sufficient information about the project or token
  • Project/Sender's email address should be an email address created with the project's official domain (e.g.: or the official primary email address as shown on the website
  • The token logo should be in PNG format with a 256x256 resolution. Image size/format not complying to this requirement might still be used but we will not be held responsible if the end-product does not look pleasing
  • Link to download the logo must not be private (if password-protected, kindly provide us with the password in the Comment/Message field)
  • Project description should be written from a neutral stance without exaggerated or comparative claims (the best, the fastest, the most used, the most stable, etc.)

2. Social Profiles / Official Channels

  • Kindly provide us with the full link to the project's social media and not just the username (for example and not like this - @etherscan)
  • When submitting personal LinkedIn profiles, kindly have them updated to show that the profile owner is indeed involved with the associated project

Delisting Token

We reserve the right to update, as in adding notices or labels, or delist (removing information) of a token page under our own discretion without notice. Causes or factors that could lead to this action may include:

  • Inaccurate information
  • Project/Token proven to have been involved in fraudulent, scam or phishing activities
  • Project/Token impersonating as other public entities or other projects
  • Project/Token reported by users
  • Closure of project/token operation, or project is no longer active
  • Any other factors that Etherscan sees liable of posing risks to the users
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