Announcing feature: Private Token Ignore List

There has been an increasing number of airdrop tokens that one can find in their addresses on Etherscan. Some of these tokens have values, and some do not. If a user would not like to see them under their token holdings on Etherscan, for the most part, these tokens can be simply transferred to a burn address.

However, what happens if a token is not transferable? One example of these is the Frozen Drop Token. To describe loosely, a Frozen Drop token is similar to an airdrop token. They are sent out to a vast number of addresses. But unlike an Airdrop token, a Frozen Drop token cannot be sent out of the address once it is received, unless the address owner performs certain whitelisting or registration procedures specified by the token creator.

To mitigate this and other similar situations for a token that you do not want to be displayed under your account, Etherscan has introduced a new feature called the “Private Token Ignore List.” The Ignore list feature will essentially allow a user to hide a token and exclude the token’s value from the calculation of the total token holdings’ value on Etherscan (up to 100 token addresses).

To use this feature, users can log in to their Etherscan account and add the unwanted token to their Private Token Ignore List on the user dashboard. And as long as you are logged into your Etherscan account while browsing the site, the tokens on your ignore list will be hidden from all token holdings of all addresses. The same also applies to all the addresses listed under the user's Etherscan Watch List.

Do take note that the Private Token Ignore List feature does not remove the token transfer events but merely visually hides it from being displayed under your Token Holdings Dropdown list, Token holding details, and Address Watch List token balance. Like the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind..."

Private Token Ignore List does not remove the token transfer events.
Raja Amir
Raja Amir
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