Community Poll Review - October 2023

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What is the new category of network actor introduced in Ethereum block creation as a result of the transition to Proof-of-Stake?

The Merge introduced a new category of network actor known as 'block builders' because validators may not possess the skills required to construct optimized and profitable blocks.

Validators, or block proposers, outsource block creation and auction block space to the builders who submit the most profitable blocks.

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What does Proposer-Builder Separation mean?

Present-day Ethereum validators both create and broadcast blocks by aggregating transactions from the gossip network. In the Proposer-Builder Separation (PBS), block builders handle block creation and propose them to validators who select the most profitable one, compensating the block builder before broadcasting.

What is the role of an MEV relayer?

MEV relayer aggregates and checks validity of block contents received from block builders before passing them to validators.

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What are the rationale(s) for enshrining Proposer-Builder Separation?

Reasons to enshrine Proposer-Builder Separation includes:

  • Relays oppose Ethereum's values
  • Out-of-protocol software is brittle
  • Relays are expensive public goods

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