Newsletter <a href="" target="_blank">Block #33 - Past the Ultrasound Barrier</a> Poll Winners

Congratulations to these 10 winners from the Etherscan Newsletter Block #33 Poll!

Each winner will receive $10 in ETH. All winners have been contacted directly by Etherscan via email for further instructions.

Unique Code Masked Email Reward
35bf30638 sa******** $10 in ETH
343a344fb te******** $10 in ETH
fbee31bf2 ru******** $10 in ETH
23c43872f sc******** $10 in ETH
dd7e3b9fa t.******** $10 in ETH
3a54352dc di******** $10 in ETH
dfd936bd7 vl******** $10 in ETH
abdd3fb5c ku******** $10 in ETH
d9b33f3f0 se******** $10 in ETH
1ba53b01d ce******** $10 in ETH
Harith Kamarul
Harith Kamarul
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