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The past month has been eventful even by crypto standards. ETH's post-Merge deflationary supply barely made news amidst the constant breaking news involving the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

At Etherscan we've recently added tweaks to our CSV export function and API service while preparing to release new larger features.

For this issue, we recap some of the talking points from Devcon Bogota and quiz you on one of the topics discussed there: account abstraction! Take the quiz and stand to win $10 in ETH.


Guest Post

A Recap of Devcon Bogota

A Recap of Devcon Bogota

The long-awaited Devcon Bogota finally happened in October. We walk through some topics that may prove useful to our readers, including:

  • Account abstraction
  • MEV
  • The future of staking
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CSV Export by Blocks


CSV Export by Blocks

Export data into CSV files for a specific range of blocks, in addition to dates.

New Options for API Pro


New Options for API Pro

For API users, select quarterly or yearly options to receive up to 15% price savings.



Binance, FTX, FTT: the Start of a Spiral

A tweet by Binance's CZ signaling their intent to sell FTX's FTT tokens spiraled into a potential buyout offer and subsequent retraction. Recap here.

The Crypto Story

An epic, 40,000-word essay by Matt Levine of Bloomberg covering the story behind cryptocurrency that you can share with friends in the 'real world'.

Updated Ethereum Roadmap

An updated view of Ethereum's roadmap, with improved visuals and a new Scourge section focused on preventing risks caused by MEV.

Google adds Ethereum Address to Search

A landmark moment for Web3 was met as Google added Ethereum addresses in their Search results, with a link to Etherscan for further details.

Reddit NFTs Surge as Avatars Reach Millions of New Users

The Reddit Avatars on Polygon have brought NFT adoption to 3 million users and led to a sales volume of USD 11 million (at time of writing).


Testnet Workgroup: Paths out of the Goerli Supply Mess

Discussions are on for a solution to limited ETH supply on the Goerli testnet. An alternative is Sepolia - use the Blockscan Chat faucet to start there!

Q3 Web3 Development Report

The report by Alchemy includes highlights such as 100,000+ smart contracts verified and 1.5+ million installs of dev libraries in 2022.


Learning Quizzes on introduced quizzes on 8 pages across the site. Share it with friends new in the space for a fun way to learn the basics!

L2BEAT Bridges

L2BEAT released a new dashboard tracking 27 different bridges, moving beyond just 'Layer 2' ones but labeling those as validated by a 'Third Party'.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: 22,999,999 FTT Deposit to Binance

A USD 584 million movement of Binance's FTT that contributed to major loss in confidence of FTT and mass withdrawals from FTX.

Address: ARCX, the First Token to be Un-launched

The ARCx governance token staked a claim to being the first un-launched token, as it is set to become non-transferable from 30th November.


Questions received last month:

What does a forked transaction mean?
A transaction is forked when the block it's within has been dropped or reorged in favor of another block. When that happens, the transaction will be treated on-chain as if it never existed.

I accidentally sent funds to a contract address. What can I do?
Contracts can only execute functions written into its source code. You won't be able to get a refund unless the contract has a specific function allowing it to make transfers. Always best to contact the contract deployer! More here.

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Quiz: Account Abstraction


Quiz: Account Abstraction

Answer this quiz on account abstraction and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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