Newsletter <a href="" target="_blank">Block #10 - Hello World, Eth2!</a> Poll Winners

Congratulations to these 10 winners from the Etherscan Newsletter Block #10 Poll!

Each winner will receive $10 in ETH. All winners have been contacted directly by Etherscan via email for further instructions.

Unique Code Masked Email Reward
d96b0f5a7 da******** $10 in ETH
740a05beb ha******** $10 in ETH
4cf709cea os******** $10 in ETH
44660d442 Ak******** $10 in ETH
dbd50c0ca az******** $10 in ETH
f0580126a at******** $10 in ETH
d2350024b ma******** $10 in ETH
bbe90b15a mz******** $10 in ETH
d5820b35e mi******** $10 in ETH
c50d06b75 co******** $10 in ETH

To check your Unique Code, open the Newsletter sent to your email address and scroll down to the Poll section.

If you are one of the lucky users above, check your inbox for our email and respond by 6 January 2021 to receive your reward!

Harith Kamarul
Harith Kamarul
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