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All eyes in Ethereum (if not crypto) have been on the Eth2 Phase 0 launch, with genesis finally beginning on December 1st. The long-awaited moment was, in true decentralized fashion, commemorated with the most profound of messages, "Mr F was here"! 😆

As Eth2 begins life, we've painstakingly built BeaconScan as a block explorer for its Beacon Chain. We hope it will be as useful for you as Etherscan has been! On Etherscan itself, we've added some ease-of-life tweaks to the User Interface. Token prices and transaction date time & gas price are now more easily accessible on the website.

This month, take a quiz on Eth2 and stand to win $10 in ETH!



4 Takeaways from Deposits into Eth2

4 Takeaways from Deposits into Eth2

Within a month of its announcement, the Eth2 deposit contract garnered more than 800,000 ETH of deposits. As the community celebrates the long-awaited milestone of this Eth2 Phase 0 launch, we highlight 4 takeaways from the deposits into its contract so far:

  • 80% of Required Deposits Came in the Final 2 days
  • Top 20 Addresses Make Up <50% of Deposits
  • OPSEC Practices by the Community
  • Almost $400,000 Tokens in the Deposit Contract
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More Token Prices


More Token Prices

You can now can see token prices on both the page title and in search suggestions!

Transaction Date Time & Gas Price


Transaction Date Time & Gas Price

Toggle between Days Ago & Date Time and Txn Fee & Gas Price on the Address page.



Futures fees only 0.02%

AAX now offers discounted futures fees at 0.02%, the lowest in the market!

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Eth2: An Explanatory Thread

A thread that walks you through the history of and design decisions made for Eth2: Proof of Stake, signature schemes and elliptic curves.

Yearn x Sushi integration, Yearn's 7th in one month

Yearn is blazing a path forward for DeFi integrations, doing so with 6 other projects: Akropolis, Cover, Cream, PowerPool, Pickle and Hegic.

Geth Client's Post Mortem of a Partial Chain Split

Exchanges and dApps suffered withdrawal and downtime issues as several nodes using an older version of the Geth client temporarily forked from the main chain. The Geth team goes over this incident in its report on Github.

GoDaddy Employees Used in Attacks on Crypto Services

A social engineering hack of GoDaddy, a leading domain name registrar, affected services such as the Liquid exchange and Nicehash miner.

Court Divulges Breakdown of $4.2 Billion PlusToken Ponzi

A Chinese court detailed for the first time the exact amounts seized from PlusToken, including 833,083 ETH (just shy of deposits into Eth2 contract!).


A Lightweight Standalone Ethereum Transaction Decoder

Developer Kendrick Tan created Miao, a tool for decoding Ethereum transactions without relying on exernal data sources or running full nodes.

Flashbots: Frontrunning the MEV Crisis

An R&D organization formed to counteract the risks posed by Miner Extractable Value on all smart-contract enabled blockchains.


Ethereum 2.0 Mainnet Staking Guides for 4 Clients

Prolific Eth2 guide-maker Somer Esat created guides for running Eth2 validators on 4 major clients. Ask further questions directly on Ethstaker!

So You Want To Use a Price Oracle

Famed security auditor Samczsun tells you everything you need to know about price oracles and how to use them safely

Pick of the Month

Transaction: $49 Million Liquidation on Compound

When the price of DAI on Coinbase escalated to a high of $1.30, an over-leveraged DAI-USDC borrower had $49 million of loans forcibly liquidated.

Address: Eth2 Deposit Contract

The address of the month is none other than the Eth2 deposit contract! It raked in more than 800,000 ETH (or 1% of total ETH supply) in one month.


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Quiz on Eth2


Quiz: Quick Education on Eth2

Learn something new about Eth2 and you may get $10 in ETH for it!

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