Etherscan appointed as Oracle Light Feed for MakerDAO

We're pleased to share that we have been appointed as an Oracle Light Feed for MakerDAO.

Feeds play an important role in submitting asset price data to MakerDAO Oracles. As independent parties providing accurate data, they ensure that the Oracles are reliable and secure. MakerDAO requires that only entities with strong credentials trusted by the community be permitted to be an Oracle Feed.

Etherscan has long made it our commitment to provide independent, transparent data and contribute to decentralization within the ecosystem. Becoming an Oracle Light Feed is a natural extension of these ideals.

The Oracle Team's recommendation included this statement:

Having provided the infrastructure for a compelling web of decentralization and transparency of Ethereum since as far back as 2015, Etherscan has cemented itself as a core member of the Ethereum ecosystem that embodies its values.

We are humbled by the trust placed in Etherscan and will strive to continue supporting the community!

Harith Kamarul
Harith Kamarul
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