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How does a transaction achieve finality on Ethereum?

A transaction achieves finality when it is included in a block that receives attestations from >2/3 total validators for 2 consecutive epochs. After the transaction is finalized, it cannot be changed without 1/3 of all staked ETH getting burned.

Why is transaction finality important on Ethereum?

Finality is important to ensure data immutability, enhance network security, and prevent double-spending:

  1. Data immutability: Finality guarantees that once a transaction is confirmed and finalized on the blockchain, it becomes permanent and cannot be altered or reversed.
  2. Network security: Finality prevents the possibility of transaction rollbacks or reorganizations. Once a transaction is finalized and included in a block, it becomes irrevocable and cannot be changed.
  3. Double-spending: Finality ensures data immutability and eliminates the possibility of spending the same funds more than once, maintaining the integrity of transactions and preventing fraudulent activities on Ethereum.
How does the inactivity leak recover finality on Ethereum?

The inactivity leak gradually reduces the stakes of validators who are not making attestations until, eventually, the participating validators control 2/3 of the remaining stake. They can then begin to finalize checkpoint blocks once again.

The inactivity leak refers to a state of emergency in which rewards and penalties are modified. What specific changes are implemented during this period?

The inactivity leak is a kind of emergency state in which rewards and penalties are modified as follows:

  1. Attesters receive no attestation rewards while attestation penalties are unchanged.
  2. Any validators deemed inactive have their inactivity scores raised, leading to an additional inactivity penalty that potentially grows quadratically with time. This is the inactivity leak, sometimes known as the quadratic leak.
  3. Proposer and sync committee rewards are unchanged.

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