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How does Liquid Staking provide liquidity to staked ETH?

Liquid Staking enables users to unlock the liquidity of staked ETH by creating a new token that represents the staked ETH, making it usable across various DeFi protocols.

What are the benefits of Liquid Staking?

The benefits of Liquid Staking are as follows:

  1. Reward Opportunities
    Traditional staking provides users with the opportunity to receive rewards for verifying transactions. Liquid staking enables users to continue receiving these rewards while also earning additional yield across various DeFi protocols.

  2. Composability in DeFi
    By representing receipts for staked assets as tokens, they can be used across the DeFi ecosystem in a wide variety of protocols, such as lending pools and prediction markets.

  3. Unlocked Liquidity
    Tokens staked in a network such as Ethereum are locked and cannot be traded or used as collateral. Liquid staking tokens unlock the inherent value that staked tokens hold and enable them to be traded and used as collateral in DeFi protocols.

Why do we need diversity in Liquid Staking protocols?

We need diversity in liquid staking protocols to prevent a single protocol from exceeding consensus thresholds. Each protocol may have different mechanisms and governance structures that can act as checks and balances to prevent any one protocol from gaining excessive control over the staking process.

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Which of the following protocols currently offer Liquid Staking solutions?

Each of the following protocols provides Liquid Staking services with varying rewards and approaches. You can explore their documentation, linked below, to choose your preferred provider:

  1. Rocket Pool -
  2. Frax Finance -
  3. Lido Finance -
  4. StakeWise -

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