How to send ETH/Token?

Depending on the wallet that you use, the exact steps might vary but they usually go by a somewhat similar process as below:

  1. Look for the Send option on your wallet.

  2. If your wallet holds more than one type of tokens, be sure to select the right type of token for the transaction.

  3. In the To or Recipient field, insert the recipient's address (we strongly recommend to copy and paste the recipient's address instead of retyping it manually).

  4. Alternatively, you can also scan the recipient's QR code.

  5. Enter the amount that you wish to send.

  6. Set the gas price and gas limit accordingly. You can also use our Gas Tracker feature to check the recommended settings (normal transactions would usually need 21,000 gas limit, for internal transactions please set a higher gas limit).

(What Is Gas Fee?)

  1. Review and double-check that all details of the transaction are correct.

  2. Proceed with the transaction. This is usually done by clicking Send.

  3. To check the status of your transaction, insert the transaction hash (also called as Transaction ID) of this transaction into the search bar at

(Please note that gas fee is deductible from the remaining balance in the address, not from the sent amount. Be sure to always have a sufficient ETH balance in your wallet to use as gas fee.)

Raja Amir
Raja Amir
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