API Keys

On Etherscan, we provide an array of APIs for data pertaining to transactions, contracts, accounts, stats and other components of the Ethereum blockchain. For the full list of our currently available APIs, kindly refer here.

You must be a registered Etherscan user with your own API keys to use the APIs. Take note that the APIs are free-to-use but with a limitation of 5 calls per second put in place to ensure a smooth experience to the collective users.

To create your API key:

  1. Log in to your Etherscan account here. If you have yet registered for an account, you can refer to our sign up guide or register here.
  2. Upon login, you should be directed to your Client Portal & Services. There, look to the left side of the page for a tab called API-KEYs.

  1. On My API Keys page, click on the + Add New button where after which you will be prompted to insert an AppName for the API key that you are currently creating.

  1. You have successfully created your first API key!

To edit your API key:

To change the AppName of your API key, go to My API Keys page and click on the Edit button located next to the API key that you want to edit. You can also view the usage statistics of an API key by clicking on the Stat button located next to the Edit button.

  • Each Etherscan account is limited to only 3 API keys and they cannot be deleted by the user.
  • The API keys created on Etherscan.io can also be used for the Kovan, Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Goerli Testnets.
  • Source attribution via a link back or mention that your app is "Powered by Etherscan.io APIs" is required except for personal/private usage.
  • Refer here for API key rate limit & expected error returns.
  • Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your API Plan.
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Raja Amir
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