What is a Dapp?

The Ethereum blockchain is oftentimes dubbed as a world-size computer, and so it is only expected that apps and programs should exist within this computer's system. These apps and programs do indeed exist and are called Dapps.

The word Dapp is a portmanteau deriving from the terms 'decentralized' and 'application' or the abbreviated form for the phrase 'decentralized application' itself. Either way, as the name suggests, a dapp is an application that is decentralized and does not require a middleman to function.

Essentially, a dapp is a smart contract with a set of functions that let end-users interact with it and is usually accessible via the dapp's official website. It can be developed by anyone with the right skill set and be used directly by the end-users immediately upon deployment. It really is as simple as buidling it and then deploying it on to the blockchain.

The use cases for a dapp are unbounded. It has so far been utilized for gaming, exchanges, finance and several other purposes. One of the most commonly known dapps is CryptoKitties, which is a game where players can collect and breed one-of-a-kind (virtual) cats on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dapp Page on Etherscan

As a block explorer that publishes and curates virtually everything that is on the Ethereum blockchain, dapps are also available and accessible on Etherscan through our Explore Dapp page.

Here, you can search for specific Dapps using the Search Bar or explore random Dapps curated under their respective categories.

When you click on a dapp, you will be redirected to the Dapp's Page where all on-chain and relevant off-chain information about the dapp are available. This page is intended to allow developers and dapp owners to have a personalized front-end interface for their dapp that helps their users to interact with the smart contract with ease. Here, dapp developers can freely customize their dapp page with a banner image, social links, information regarding the dapp and also describe the nature of each function of their smart contract for both Read and Write.

Alternatively, the Etherscan's Dapp Page may also serve as a backup interface for projects in the unexpected cases of their official interface being down or inaccessible.

*If you are a dapp owner/creator looking to update the information on your Dapp's Page, please refer to our tutorial here.

  • Raja Amir