Understanding the Dapp Page

Dapp is the term used for the applications that are developed and operate on the Ethereum blockchain. On Etherscan, users can interact with dapps on the dapps' respective personalized Dapp Page (like this page here). On a typical Etherscan Dapp Page, users can learn more about the dapp's background, official channels and also connect to their Web3 wallets to interact with the dapp's read and write functions. In a way, it can be said that the Etherscan Dapp Page is the unofficial front-end interface for dapps - that is updated by the dapp's official developer, of course.

To understand the Etherscan Dapp Page, we will be referring to the CryptoKitties' dapp page as an example and break the page down into separate sections, namely A, B, and C.

Section A: Top Bar

  1. Navigation Bar: Clicking on Dapps directs you to the Explore Dapp page where you can view and access featured dapps and randoms one that are curated into six different categories.
  2. Connect to Web3: Click here to connect to your Web3 wallets so that you can directly interact with the dapp's read and write functions

Section B: Dapp Profile

  1. Edit Dapp Page: Click here if you are the dapp's developer/owner and you are looking to update the content and information on the dapp page. For more information on how to submit a Dapp Update Request, please refer here.
  2. Dapp Logo: The official logo of the dapp will be shown here if it has been updated by its creator/owner. Lack of an official logo here means that the dapp page has not yet been updated.
  3. Name and Contract Address: Check the dapp's name and contract address here to confirm that you are indeed on the right dapp page as you could be on the page for another contract with a similar name.
  4. Website: Click on this button to visit the dapp's official website.
  5. Share this page: Click here to share the dapp page on your Facebook, Twitter or to copy the page's link to share elsewhere.
  6. Basic Information:
    • About: Short description of the dapp
    • Social Links: Links to the dapp's official social media profiles and communication channels.
    • Type: Shows the dapp's contract type. At the time being, dapp types are assigned to three categories - ERC-721, ERC-20 and others.
  7. Profile Strength: An automated gauge indicating the level of completeness of the information available on the dapp's page.
  8. Labels & Categories:
    • Labels: The label(s) here shows the sector/industry/service that the dapp is in or other tags that are relevant to the dapp. Examples of other labels are Exchange, Old Contract, DeFi and Stablecoin. For the full list of all available labels, visit here.
    • Categories: The category that relates to the dapp's service or main function. Categories that are currently available are Gaming, Finance, Marketplace, Platform, Service and Others.
  9. Last Updated: Shows the date that the information of the dapp page was last updated by its developer/owner.
  10. Report this page: Click here to submit a report to us against the dapp if you think the dapp is involved in fraudulent, suspicious or scam activities. You will be requested to provide your reason of report and proofs to back your report.

Section C: Dapp Content

  1. Overview: A complete overview of the dapp with links to external pages (where necessary) to provide users with more information on the dapp.
  2. Contracts: Clicking here will bring up the option to choose whether to see the Read or the Write functions of the dapp. To interact with the functions, you need to connect to your Web3 wallet first. You can do so by clicking on the Connect to Web3 button that is located on the Top Bar section of the page (refer to Section A of this tutorial)
  3. Inventory: If the dapp is an ERC-721 token, its inventory will be shown here. Please take note this tab is only available for ERC-721 dapps.
  4. Reviews: Read or contribute your own reviews of the dapps here. The review functionality requires logging in to a Disqus account. To sign up for an account, click here.
  • Raja Amir
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