Private Token Ignore List

The Private Token Ignore List allows a registered Etherscan user to hide tokens from showing up in token holding lists across the website. When a token is hidden, their price will not contribute to the address' total token value. Please refer the steps to add a token to your Private Token Ignore List below:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Once logged in, there are two ways to access the feature.
    2a. Click on the Token Ignore List tab from the dropdown menu located under Profile tab on the right side of the page (refer the highlighted section in the screenshot below).

2b. You can also access the feature from Profile dashboard located on the left side of the page (refer the highlighted section in the screenshot below).

  1. You will then be directed to the page where all of the tokens on your Private Token Ignore List will be listed. Click on Add button to add a token into your list.

4. Copy and paste the tokens's contract address into the Token Address field and include a note for your reference (if needed) and click Continue.

  1. Once a token has been successfully added into the list, you will be redirected back to the previous page with a notice on the successful addition of the token into the list.
  1. To remove a token from the list, click on Remove that is located to the right of the token's contract address.
  2. To edit, add notes or update the contract address, click on Edit (next to the Remove button).

*This feature is limited to 30 tokens per user account and does not remove or hide the hidden token's transfer events.

Bonus tip: You can also ignore tokens with poor reputations by ticking the "Hide tokens" checkbox and then clicking "Save Changes." This will automatically hide all transactions of tokens that have been flagged by Etherscan as Suspicious, Unsafe, Spam, or Brand Infringement from being displayed on the Address page.

  • Raja Amir