Token Balance Checker

The Token Balance Checker on Etherscan is a flexible tool that allows users to look up the historical:

  1. Total supply of a token*; and
  2. Balance of a token on a specific wallet address

Users may select the balance as at a specific:

  1. Block number; or
  2. Date**

With this tool, users and projects are able to keep track of a token's issuance through time. They are also able to check the historical balance of a given wallet address for a specific token.

You can find the Token Balance Checker here.

Token Balance Checker 
  1. First, select the lookup method:

    • Token Balance - the historical balance of your wallet of a particular token
    • Total Supply - the historical balance of a token
  2. Enter the wallet address that you would like to lookup on under Account Address

  3. Enter the contract address for the token you would like to lookup Contract Address

  4. Enter the date or block number

  5. The result will be displayed as below

*The total supply includes tokens that are not circulating in the markets. These may include tokens locked for vesting by the project team.
**Balance will be shown as at 12 AM UTC on the selected date

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Kaven Choi
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