Site Preferences, Language & Currency

By default, the values of ETH and tokens are shown on our website is in US Dollar (USD) and the default language is English. However these can be changed through the Preferences setting.

You may select your preference at the footer of our website (bottom-left, next to the Night Mode toggle button), regardless of the page that you are currently on.

Once you have clicked on the Preferences button, you will be directed to the page below:

Advanced Mode

When viewing a transaction or a block on our page, some of the technical details of the transaction are hidden by default. Turning on Advanced Mode will bypass this and show all the details of the viewed transaction or block in a single page. Kindly refer to the comparison below for further clarification:

Advanced Mode turned off for the transaction on the left and turned on for the transaction on the right.

Disqus Comments

Users can comment on almost every page on Etherscan (address, transaction, block, tokens, etc.) via their Disqus account which can be easily connected to their existing social media accounts. Kindly take note that disabling or enabling this option will affect all the comment sections across Etherscan.


At the time being, the languages supported on our website are English, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Japanese.


Currencies currently supported are:

  • Raja Amir