Private Address Name Tags

With this feature, you are able to tag any address on the Ethereum blockchain with a private name tag (and also a private note) for your personal reference (these name tags are only visible to you once you have logged in to your Etherscan account).

To access this feature, please refer to the steps below:

  1. Login to your account here
  2. Search for the address that you are looking to tag by using our search bar.
  3. Once at the Address page, click on +Add under the More Info section as highlighted in the screenshot below.
  1. Type in the Name Tag and Private Note (if required) into their respective fields and click on Save Changes once you are done.
  1. After you have clicked Save Changes, you will return to the Address page and you can see that the address has now been tagged (if it is not updated yet, try refreshing the page).
  1. When tagging an address that has already been labelled by us with a Public Label, kindly take note that your Address Private Tag will supersede our Public Label.

As an example, take a look at this address owned by Binance which has been tagged with our Public Label (notice how it is shown as Binance 10 under the Transactions section):

After we have tagged it with an Address Private Tag, the address is no longer shown as Binance 10 like it previously did:

Raja Amir
Raja Amir
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