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After a year and a half of being outshone by Bitcoin's halving and Spot ETF narratives, along with Solana's emergence as the world's new favourite decentralized casino, the spotlight is finally on Ethereum. Could this be the beginning of it's native token's redemption arc, or are we heading for a full retrace on the BTC ratio like every pump since summer '22?

Confused if the market is bullish, bearish or sideways crabbish? Sharpen your trend following edge with Hull Suite on the grindstone.

Market Commentary

May Market Roundup

May Market Roundup

Market action around and beyond the $ETH Spot ETF approval.


Trading the Trend

Trading the Trend

Tools to identify trends and avoid getting chopped up by short term volatility.

Word of the Month

Dispersion measures variance in asset performance, helping identify trends or consolidation periods. It can be determined by the range between the best and worst performing assets.

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