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April was historic for the industry with the fourth Bitcoin block reward halving, birth of Runes and launch of Spot ETFs for both BTC and ETH in Hong Kong. On the market front however, orange coin had its worst month in 2 years with the US BTC Spot ETF showing net monthly outflows for the first time since inception.

A silver lining for defi degens was the harvesting of several farming endeavours in the billions, mainly in the nooks of Solana and Ethereum's Restaking ecosystem. We cover these events and more in the Monthly Market Roundup.

Market Commentary

April Market Roundup

April Market Roundup

BTC price action pre & post-halving, along with airdrops, raises, & regulatory highlights.


Trading a Range

Trading a Range

Basics of how to approach trading sideways consolidation after directional trends.

Word of the Month

Convexity, in simpler terms, describes how gains or losses from investments can be amplified by changes in collateral value, affecting risk and potential liquidation.

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