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October saw Ethereum getting some love from regulators and mainstream finance. The CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) Chairman went viral on Crypto Twitter with his statement: "If Bitcoin is like email, Ethereum is like the Internet".

We wanted to show some love to Ethereum ourselves by funding a community staking contest on the ETH2 Medalla testnet. With Guild Warz, 5,000 DAI of prize money is up for grabs for those who run ETH2 validators. In addition, some UX changes were made to make for an even better experience on Etherscan.

In this issue, stand a chance to win $10 in ETH for answering our quiz on NFTs!



Guild Warz

BeaconScan Guild Warz: Stake to Conquer Medalla Testnet!

With the imminent arrival of ETH2 Phase 0 and the switch to Proof of Stake, getting the community to experience running ETH2 validators has become all the more important. 

Misplaced deposits or unsynced nodes are much better done on testnet without any risk of loss of ETH rather than on mainnet. Knowing how responsive many are to incentives, we created Guild Warz on BeaconScan.

We've been glad to see the community respond to the contest, with Rocket Pool and Stake Fish adding to the prize money and more than 300 guilds repping 30 countries joining from around the world.

If you'd like to earn while learning how to run validators on ETH2, create a guild and join us too!

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Transaction Preview


Transaction Preview Tooltip

No more flicking through endless browser tabs just to check your transaction details!

Optimized Search Bar


Optimized Search Bar

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Futures fees only 0.02%

AAX now offers discounted futures fees at 0.02%, the lowest in the market!

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PayPal Launches Cryptocurrency Service

The new service allows its 300 million users to buy and sell crypto directly from their PayPal account. While users are not currently able to withdraw these to an external wallet, it marks a huge step forward for crypto adoption.

SEC Chair: Stocks Could Become Blockchain Tokens

Both the US SEC chair and Acting Comptroller of Currency had positive words to say about blockchains building a robust financial system.

How They Relate: ETH1x, ETH2 and Rollups

This graphic provides a simple explanation of the relation between Ethereum scalability efforts and shows how they are not sequential in order.

Gitcoin Grants Round 7 Retrospective

A summary of Gitcoin's latest round of public goods funding. Key highlighs include: matched funding by DeFi, ID verification and use of ZK Rollup.

Luxury Watch Maker Breitling Issues Certificates on Ethereum

Instead of relying on physical certificates, the watchmaker is giving a unique digital passport that certifies a watch's origins.


Buidler Has Evolved Into Hardhat

The popular developer environment underwent major changes such as name changes, mainnet forking and revamped compilation pipelines.

Introducing 'solt' - The Solidity Tool

An independent tool for verifying contracts on Etherscan. Enter your input from folders, specific files or verify directly from the command line.


Seasons & Longevity of Community Tokens

This blog post discusses community tokens and the challenges it faces due to speculators. Its solution takes a cue from gaming: the idea of "seasons".

The Crypto State?

The author explores a future where crypto is used to form new systems of governance and how nation states might rival or cooperate with it.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: MKR Flash Vote

$7 million worth of MKR were gained via flash loan and used to vote on a MakerDAO governance proposal, highlighting governance risks.

Address: Harvest.Finance hacker

Another flash loan exploit. This hacker made off with $24 million within 8 minutes, leading to a $600 million drop in Total Value Locked in Harvest.


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Quiz on NFT


Quiz: Non- Fungible Tokens (NFT)

NFT is a hot space right now. Test your NFT knowledge and perhaps win $10 in ETH!

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