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September's big story was no doubt the UNI airdrop that all Uniswap users received. The resulting hype led Ethereum to its highest ever transactions in one day! In other news, the push for ETH 2 goes on while hacks/exploits continue to occur.

At Etherscan, we heard your overwhelming response and created the Yield Farms list. Please remember to DYOR before engaging with any of the farms. We also added address gas fee analytics (you can see how much gas you've burnt chasing yields!) and improvements to the UI.

In this issue, you stand a chance to get a Maker Hoodie or $10 by giving feedback on MakerDAO's stablecoin, DAI.



A Touch of UNI

Exploring a Touch of UNI

The UNI airdrop was a jaw-dropper even for those of us accustomed to having our jaws dropped by Ethereum projects. We explore its use & governance, breakdown of token holders, impact on Ethereum gas prices and the single largest airdrop amount received.

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An overwhelming number of you asked for this feature in our last poll - here it is!


Check out the total gas fees per address. And no, you can't pay us to hide them!


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Ethereum 2.0 POAP Design Contest  

POAP will be issuing 3 commemorative NFTs to celebrate ETH 2's mainnet launch. Create their winning designs and you'll receive a 1,000 DAI award!

$15 Million Exploit on EMN - an Unreleased NFT Game

Eminence Finance (EMN), a work in progress of yEarn's Andre Cronje, saw $15 million deposited into its contract by over-eager speculators. An attacker exploited it and then, mysteriously, returned $8 million.

Escaping the Dark Forest

A thrilling real-life story worth of a Hollywood movie. White hat hackers rescued $9.6 million of yield farm stake from being sniped by frontrunning bots, learning from the lessons of a recent failed rescue attempt.

ETH2 Medalla Data Challenge

The Ethereum Foundation is sponsoring a data analysis and visualization challenge for the Medalla Testnet. Answer it and win up to $15,000!

Kraken Approved to Create America's First Crypto Bank

Based out of Wyoming, the Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) aims to offer custodial, savings, transfer, trust, debit card and other services.

OpenLaw Brings Smart Contracts & Oracles to MS Office

The demo showcases users' ability to generate smart contract-integrated agreements that flow seamlessly with widely used software such as Office.


Fundamental valuation of YFI

Analysts use several frameworks to approach a valuation for YFI, including Total Value Locked, Price/Earnings and Discounted Cash Flow.

EIP-2938 Account Abstraction (AA) Explained

A long-debated effort at changing how Ethereum accounts are implemented, the authors explain their proposal for a simple(r) implementation of AA.


The Ether, a Social Network for Rational Debates in Ethereum

The platform hopes to incentivize more constructive discourse on Ethereum and a clearer signal of community sentiment via reputation NFTs.

Ethereum Dev Onboarding Session

Three experienced developers answer common questions about programming on Ethereum. A must watch for new Ethereum developers!

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Dark Forest Escape

This transaction managed to rescue 25,700 ETH from the clutches of powerful frontrunning bots.

Address: Kucoin Hacker

Address of the hacker that drained $150 million from the Kucoin exchange. Click on the blinking shield icon to check out related tainted addresses!


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Stand a chance to win a Maker Hoodie or $10 by sharing your feedback on DAI!

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