Ethereum turned 5 on 30th July! This milestone comes as we prepare to launch the Ethereum 2.0 multi-client Medalla testnet and ETH soars to its highest price in 2020 so far. As prices rise, so do security concerns, including Twitter falling prey to a hack that used popular accounts to scam users for Bitcoin.

Etherscan continued pushing out new features: we launched BeaconScan, the block explorer for Ethereum 2.0 validators, created a new subscription plan for APIs and made complex transactions easier to understand with Transaction Action.

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BeaconScan: A Validator's Explorer is for those of you signing up to run validators and keeping Ethereum 2.0 secure! More than an explorer, it is also Ethereum 2.0's first independent monitoring service. Its unique features include:

●   Email alerts
●   Personalized dashboards
●   Multi-device login
●   Share feature

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Devs and Projects: it's now possible to call more API endpoints more frequently!


Complex transactions made simpler to understand for the end-user.


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ETH 2.0 Validator Launchpad

A secure and educational interface for setting up an ETH 2.0 validator, brought to you by the Ethereum Foundation and friends.

Community Discussion on Handling of YouTube Scam Ads

Folks on the Ethereum subreddit bring up a recent increase in scam ads on YouTube and discuss ways to prevent their spread.

Intercepting and Saving $5,000 Worth of Phished Crypto

Ethereum's resident scam hunter walks through how he saved $5,000 of cryptocurrency from a fake version of Trust Wallet on Google Play store.

Ledger Data Breach, Contact and Order Info Compromised

The hardware wallet firm notified users of a data breach suffered in late June. User funds were unaffected, but a million emails were exposed.

The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-off: Update  

Reddit challenged Layer 2 scaling solutions to demo how they could support hundreds of thousands of Reddit users. 15 teams rose up to the task!


Ethereum 2.0 Economic Review

Key highlights include a much lower estimate of inflation (0.55% for ETH 2.0 compared to current 4+%) and a suggestion to double validator rewards.

An Analysis of Enterprise Use Cases for Ethereum Mainnet

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance survey indicated data locality & privacy were perceived as barriers while benefits were in security & interoperability.


An In-Depth Guide to Testing Ethereum Smart Contracts

A comprehensive, seven part series for developers on the whys and hows of testing Ethereum smart contracts.

How to create an Ethereum DeFi realtime dashboard

For those intently participating in Decentralized Finance, a guide for creating your own dashboards using The Graph APIs and Google Data Studio.

Pick of the Month

Address: Beacon Chain deposit contract for Medalla

Potential validators! Send 32 Goerli ETH (test ETH, not mainnet ETH!) here to start validating on the Medalla multi-client testnet for ETH 2.0

Decentralized website: ipfs-fps.crypto

A First Person Shooter game on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) created by one of the teams participating in the HackFS hackathon. Try it out!


This time it's a quiz! Revise on security and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH.

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