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June saw two large trends going around the community. Layer 2 scaling had several projects announce their mainnet launch and Reddit throwing down the gauntlet for Ethereum to win its Scaling Bake-Off. Yield farming brought "agriculture to the crypto age", bringing +100% yields and a bountiful harvest of farming memes with it.

At Etherscan we have two announcements of our own. We launched Blockscan, the search engine for a decentralized internet and became an Oracle Light Feed for MakerDAO.

In this issue, we bring a $25 campaign exclusive for Etherscan users from our friends at OKEx 🔥



Layer 2 Scaling

Layer 2: A Mainnet Explorer's Look at Early Uses

Layer 2 has been in'the limelight in June, with Reddit's Bake-Off and a seemingly endless series of launches on mainnet. Congestion on Ethereum has further highlighted the need for it. This month, we pick out some numbers from L2 including:

  • POA's xDAI and their transition from SAI, DAI to CHAI
  • Loopring growth in deposits
  • Fund mixing on Tornado Cash
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Blockscan: Search Engine for Dweb

We take our first steps into building the search engine for a decentralized internet.

MakerDAO Oracle


MakerDAO Light Feed Price Oracle

Happy to share our appointment as a Feed, helping to make DeFi reliable and secure.

OKEx Campaign


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Paxful and OKEx announce strategic partnership  

Users now have access to buying cryptocurrency through more than 167 fiat currencies using over 300 different payment methods.

The great Reddit scaling Bake-Off

Following May's Community Points announcement, Reddit has partnered with the Ethereum Foundation to look for demos of L2 scaling solutions.

DeFi yield farmers are raking in 100%+ annualized yields

DeFi's latest craze involves lending/borrowing for tradable governance tokens as reward. A growth hack for projects, it's already seen its first 'hack'.

Open thread on public discussions of Ethereum challenges

Stemming from the recent blocksize increase, members of the r/ethereum subreddit share frank thoughts about public discussion of challenges.

PayPal, Venmo to roll out crypto buying and selling: sources

Industry sources claim that PayPal and Venmo are planning to offer direct sales of cryptocurrency to 325 million users.

US Fed Endorses Ethereum-Backed Alternative To LIBOR

The London Interbank Offered Rate's alternative, AMERIBOR, uses a permissioned blockchain on Ethereum to capture interbank lending rates.


Evaluating L2 Scaling Solutions: A Comparison Framework

ZK rollup, optimistic rollup, sidechains, payment channels, plasma, validium: the guide evaluates these solutions across a number of factors.

Decentralized Web Developer Report 2020

Insights from a survey shared with over 600 respondents on Dweb and Web 3.0. IPFS and Ethereum are by far leaders among the underlying tech!


ETH2 Staking on Argent

Design for an easy-to-use ETH2 staking solution built on top of Argent... by an independent member of the community!

Token Engineering Explained in 3 Levels of Difficulty

Ever wondered what is meant by Token Engineering but just felt too intimidated to dive in? Jonathan explains it in layman-friendly language.

Pick of the Month

Address: 0xcDd6a...1182D

Owner spent $2.5 million in gas fees twice, dwarfing previous highs. It later transpired to be blackmail - hackers couldn't withdraw funds, so funds were 'burned' as ransom. Plot twist: the victim allegedly runs a Ponzi Scheme.

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