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The month of May was full of positive signs for Ethereum adoption. BTC tokenization on Ethereum jumped to all-time highs while anonymity and randomness infrastructure saw new milestones achieved. Even J.K. Rowling jumped in to talk about boosting her Ethereum holdings! (spoiler: J.K. was jk).

Circumstances in the real world are less ideal. Do remember to stay safe and healthy while exercising your rights.

In this issue, we bring trading fee rebates and imBTC from imToken 🔥



Bitcoin on Ethereum

Bitcoin on Ethereum: Start of a Surge? 

Bitcoin tokens on the Ethereum blockchain have been making the crypto news lately. Maker announced WBTC as the fourth collateral for DAI while tBTC launced its test phase on mainnet with much fanfare.

In this analysis article, we take a look at the numbers behind the headlines. Some highlights include:

  • Bitcoin tokens doubled their amount in May
  • WBTC drove the growth and consolidated its position
  • Maker the kingmaker
  • Transactions spiked up in April, even before amount did
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Enter any transaction hash to validate its details with other Ethereum nodes!

Explore an EOA address


Explore an EOA Address

All you need to know about understanding your address page on Etherscan.


Happy Birthday imToken Wallet!

4 years of your feedback for our best work so far: the amazing, new imToken.

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Reddit jumps into Loot Tokens with new cryptocurrency

Two subreddits with a total of 20 million users got their own new earnable community points. Currently on Rinkeby, Fuel Labs has already come up with Reddit Cash to help it work on mainnet. Check out Reddit's guide!

What is 🛠ETH.BUILD?

Energetic is an understatement for this video by Austin Griffith! He goes through and how it can help developers build on Ethereum. Is Finally Trustless!

The transaction anonymizer became fully trustless and decentralized after completing a trusted setup ceremony with 1,114 community contributions.

Chainlink VRF, a provably-fair source of randomness

The Verifiable Random Function allows developers to generate randomness verifiable on-chain. Check out the documentation and a user-created guide!

Utah County verifies marriage licenses on Ethereum

Couples in Utah County can trustlessly verify their certified copy of Marriage License via a PDF digitally sealed using a cryptographic hash on Ethereum.


Rai: a low volatility, trust minimized collateral for DeFi

Those looking for a viable governance-minimized, ETH-only collateral for DeFi should read this whitepaper. For a shorter ELI5 take, read this thread!


A comprehensive look at hardware for staking

As we transition to ETH 2.0, staking becomes increasingly important. A community member gives detailed suggestions of hardware needed for it.

How to “cancel” an Ethereum transaction

For the non-MetaMask users, canceling pending transactions have long been a pain. This simple guide shows 2 other ways to do so.

Showcase: 120 community projects submitted at HackMoney

From stealth payments to ERC777 wrapper tokens to push notifications, check out 120 projects submitted at the HackMoney hackathon!

Pick of the Month

Transaction: 0x38c...882

The same user repeated this exact transaction 4,000 times - sending 0 ETH and ~$170 in fees - just to make buy offers for Kusama & Polkadot tokens!

Etherscan Connect: VisageSeries

VisageSeries is the user with the most Liked Name Tags! His ASCII drawings of faces on Ethereum are a sight to behold.

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On Blockchain Wallets

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