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The Ethereum L2 landscape is bustling with activity, with a strong move towards adopting Ethereum as the preferred base layer for rollups. A wonderful way to celebrate Ethereum's 8th birthday!

At Etherscan, we've enhanced the Similar Contract Search tool as well as re-introducing the IDM feature.

Amid the evolving rollup landscape, we examine rollups' data storage on Ethereum before EIP-4844, along with a quiz to test your rollup knowledge.



Optimizing Data Availability to Scale Ethereum

Optimizing Data Availability to Scale Ethereum

As more rollups continue to be deployed on Ethereum, relying on it as a robust data availability layer, we delve into:

  • Ethereum's rollup-centric approach
  • Current rollups landscape
  • Optimizing data availability with EIP-4844
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Similar Contract Search


Similar Contract Search

Retrieve contracts with varying degrees of similarity using Exact and Similar match.

Revamped IDM


Revamped IDM

All IDM-detected transactions listed on one page, plus filters and IDM-sending.



EthCC 2023 Announcements

Many protocols unveiled updates at the event, including Lens, Uniswap, Chainlink, Starknet, Gnosis, Mantle, and Linea.

10th Ethereum Foundation Research Team AMA

Covered topics include EIP7002, RANDAO manipulation, one-shot sigs, DVT, re-staking, EIP7251, MEV endgame, SSLE, EIP4844, and more.

The Multichain Saga

CEO Zhaojun's arrest led to the team losing server access and funds, forcing them to cease operations and seek help to bring down the website.

The Worldcoin Project Is Now Live

The protocol scans your irises to verify your online identity, granting you a World ID and some WLD tokens. Here's what Vitalik thinks of it.

Older Vyper Versions Vulnerable To Reentrancy

DeFi protocols built on Vyper 0.2.15, 0.2.16, and 0.3.0 faced pool drains, and causing record high MEV rewards. A 10% bounty recouped 73% funds.


Guide to Solidity Events

Explore how events, logs, and topics facilitate communication and data storage for external applications and event listeners.


Guesses ABI from contract address, even if unverified, via bounded-complexity static analysis.


Google Play Allows NFTs In Apps And Games

Devs must disclose in-app NFT's sales and earnings. Gambling elements and glamorization of potential earnings from NFTs are not allowed.

Bluechip, A Nonprofit Stablecoin Rating Agency

It introduced the SMIDGE rating framework and currently grades 15 major stablecoins from A+ to F.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Refund Proceeds From Exploit Frontrun

In response to Curve's message, c0ffeebabe.eth returned the 2,879.54 ETH proceeds from frontrunning an exploit attempt on the CRV/ETH Curve pool.

Address: Gather Seed Words To Unlock Wallet

Threadoors unveiled seed words of a $777 wallet step by step in educational content, and the winner claimed the full prize!


Questions received last month:

Why is my ENS displayed as "Invalid ENS Name" on Etherscan?
ENS name tags displayed on Etherscan follow the ENSIP15: Normalization Standard. If a name registered through ENS does not adhere to ENSIP15, it will be shown as ”Invalid ENS Name”.

How can I filter a token's transactions within specific time frames?
Navigate to Advanced Filter, then input the token contract into the asset field, and define the time frame in the age field. You can also filter the specific token function in the method field.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
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Pro Tip

How to check the total ETH burned at the latest block?
Total ETH burned represents the cumulative amount of ETH (base fee of each transaction) removed from circulation since the initiation of EIP1559. You can easily monitor this figure on


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Quiz: Rollups


Quiz: Rollups

Test your knowledge by answering this quiz on rollups.

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