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The Ethereum community gathered behind Superphiz's sounding of alarms as Lido inched ever closer towards the 33% consensus threshold for liquid staking. On the flip side, Geth's network share in execution clients has steadily improved from 62% last month.

At Etherscan, we released an AI-powered Code Reader to help you better understand smart contract code, along with a new-look Tools page that houses various Etherscan tools in one place.

Our Guest Post of the month examines the much-awaited upcoming upgrade: EIP-4844. The quiz introduces you to liquid staking on Ethereum. Answer it for a chance to win $10 in ETH.


Guest Post

Ethereum's New Data Economy

Ethereum's New Data Economy

As Ethereum continues to scale in adoption and with the upcoming proto-danksharding upgrade in mind, we explore:

  • EIP-4844 and transient data
  • Historical data pruning and state purging
  • The new data economy enabled by transient data
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Code Reader


Code Reader

Leverage the power of AI to seamlessly learn about any smart contract source code.

New Tools Page


New Tools Page

Access other tools easily on a unified page with a refined new look.



Lido's Market Share Approaching Consensus Thresholds

Liquid staking community urged to intensify efforts in limiting Lido's share. An alternative solution is to democratize solo staking.

$100M Atomic Wallet Exploit Linked to Lazarus Group

The hack compromised 5,000+ wallets. Over $1M stolen funds were rescued, prompting hackers to turn to Garantex exchange for laundering.

Lawsuit Against PoolTogether Dismissed By US Judge

A win for the no-loss lottery protocol as the federal court dismissed lawsuit, citing the lack of standing. The lawsuit was previously covered in the WSJ.

DAI Savings Rate Raised From 1% To 3.49%

Effective June 19th, DAI holders opting into the DSR earn an improved yield constantly streamed by the Maker Protocol's surplus.

SAP Tests Cross-Border Payment With USDC

SAP is using USDC on Ethereum testnet to test cross-border payments for cost, transaction speed, and transparency optimization.


Contribute to Uniswap v4

Explore the released draft code for experimenting with innovative hook designs and integrations. Learn more on how to contribute here.

Tips For Clearly Defined NatSpec

Follow NatSpec best practices to enhance documentation and improve the usability and user experience of your contract.


The Three Transitions Needed For Ethereum To Succeed

Vitalik emphasizes moving to rollups for cheap fees, smart contract wallets for security, & privacy tools for fund transfers to ensure Ethereum's success.

The Road To Devcon 7 Grants

Aspiring community builders in SEA have the opportunity to apply for the RTD Grants by 31.10.2023, 23:59 UTC.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Funding For Covid Research

Vitalik and Polygon's Sandeep committing an additional $100m to fund research projects towards reducing the long-term impact of Covid.

Address: zachxbtlegalfund.eth

ZachXBT raised $1M in just over 24 hours to fight a defamation suit. Some suggest keeping funds as a deterrent for future cases.


Questions received last month:

How can an attacker transfer tokens without my private key?
An attacker can create spoofed token contracts with modified functions, enabling transfers without the victim's private key. The intention is to trick the victim into using the spoofed recipient address in the next transaction.

How to filter transactions with a specific token contract function?
On the token's contract page, click on the "Write Contract" under Contract tab, note the function name and method ID, and use the Advanced Filter to search in the Asset and Method columns.

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Pro Tip

Get precise estimate of transaction fees using Custom Gas Limit
Find a similar transaction and note down the gas limit, go to, and enter it into the Custom Gas Limit field to estimate the latest cost of the transaction.


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Quiz: Liquid Staking


Quiz: Liquid Staking

Answer this quiz on liquid staking and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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