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A failure of transactions to finalize on Ethereum has highlighted the significance of having diverse client implementations. Moreover, there has been a growing interest in discussions related to re-staking, and Vitalik supports the idea of upholding Ethereum's consensus minimalism.

At Etherscan, we've launched two powerful tools to enhance your onchain experience. Our Advanced Filter enables you to analyze complex onchain interactions in a single view, and the updated Etherscan Browser Extension features an always-on gas price badge.

In this issue, we dive into the intricacies of Ethereum's transaction finality as well as a quiz on inactivity leak for you to answer and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!



Battle-Testing Ethereum's Finality

Battle-Testing Ethereum's Finality

With regard to the recent issue of transaction finality and the subsequent occurrence of the first-ever inactivity leak on Ethereum, we discuss:

  • The concept of finality
  • Inactivity leak mechanism
  • Significance of client diversity
  • Liveness and safety tradeoffs
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Advanced Filter


Advanced Filter

Refine your search results with rich filters to extract valuable insights.

Etherscan Browser Extension


Etherscan Browser Extension

This update brings more gas price tools as well as Search in Etherscan feature.



Ethereum Experienced Its First Ever Inactivity Leak

Ethereum briefly lost transaction finality twice as >1/3 consensus clients faced issues, but eventually recovered without manual intervention.

Memecoin Hype Drives Record Staking Rewards

Memecoin popularity fuels DEX activity, resulting in a spike in gas fees, ETH burned, and staking rewards.

More Than 4.4 Million Ether Staked Since Shapella Upgrade

ETH deposits surpass withdrawals post-Shapella, leading to a 30+ day activation queue. Decentralized LSD platforms benefit greatly.

Community Thinks Ledger Recover Was A Bad Idea

Ledger subsequently delayed the recovery feature and plans to open-source the code. Some don't see it as a cause for concern.

Tornado Cash Hijacked Via Malicious Governance Proposal

A seemingly innocent proposal passed, destroying and reinitializing a smart contract at the same address. Attacker later proposed its undoing.


Uniswap Contracts Deployed On Sepolia

A list of Uniswap contracts is now live on the Sepolia testnet, allowing developers to build and test DeFi applications.

Artemis, An Open-Source MEV Bot Framework

A library for writing bots & a repository of strategies, aimed at alleviating the centralizing pressure of MEV.


New Design & UX Page On

Explore UX design & research in web3 and contribute to improving Ethereum without requiring technical knowledge.

ETH Addresses Are Now Searchable On Google

Google search any Ethereum address to see its Ethereum balance displayed in search results, along with a link to Etherscan.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Onchain Cease & Desist Letter

Creators of Grumpy Cat and Nyan Cat memecoins served legal notice through NFTs sent to their ETH addresses.

Address: yougetnothing.eth

A user posted their ETH address, urging people to send funds for nothing in return. Despite this, others continued to send them funds.


Questions received last month:

How to filter multiple addresses on Etherscan?
Previously, highlighting transactions related to one address that connects to other addresses required using separate tabs. Now, you can conveniently filter transactions using multiple addresses with the Advanced Filter.

How to verify ownership of a contract created by another contract?
The creator of contract address (A) that created the contract address in question (B) needs to verify their ownership of contract address (A). Kindly follow this guide and submit a ticket to our team for further assistance.

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Display addresses with back truncation on Etherscan
Change your address truncation format to back truncation, which will allow you to quickly find a given address using CTRL + F. Go to Site Settings, and select 'Back' in the dropdown menu under the "Address Diplay" category.


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Quiz: Inactivity Leak


Quiz: Inactivity Leak

Answer this quiz on inactivity leak and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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