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Exciting developments continue to unfold with the recent Shapella upgrade, allowing users to withdraw their staked ETH. On a side note, the memecoin season may be upon us and it's important to stay vigilant in the space as at least 2-5 memecoin rugs are happening daily. It's crucial to safeguard against common scams.

Etherscan is now showing Beacon Chain withdrawals post-Shapella upgrade. We have also hidden zero-value token transfers in light of recent "address poisoning" attacks.

In this issue, we explore the inevitable concentration of staking deposits and withdrawals, plus a quiz on staking withdrawals for you to answer and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!


Guest Post

Beacon Withdrawals and the Inevitable 80/20 Distribution

Beacon Withdrawals and the Inevitable 80/20 Distribution

As Ethereum's transition to PoS has come full circle, we examine the concentration forces at play within the Ethereum staking ecosystem:

  • Measuring deposit and withdrawal concentration
  • Looking beyond the Gini coefficient
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Beacon Withdrawals


Beacon Withdrawals

View withdrawals info in the block, address, and Beacon withdrawals page.

Zero-Value Token Transfers


Zero-Value Token Transfers

These transfers are hidden by default and can be revealed in site settings.



Etherscan Metadata API

Power up your application with Etherscan curated labels in the all-new Metadata API.

Learn More



Ethereum Community Rejoiced as Shapella Went Live

Over 1M ETH withdrawn smoothly post-Shapella despite initial bugs. The ACDE debriefed and discussed Cancun upgrade EIPs.

2023 State of Crypto Report

The report highlights crypto industry progress and introduces the State of Crypto Index, a dashboard tracking key ecosystem metrics.

Gas Fees Spike as MEV Bot Sandwiches Memecoin Traders

jaredfromsubway.eth spent over $2M in a week sandwich-attacking memecoin traders, causing network congestion and collecting $14M.

Crypto OGs Targeted in Mysterious $10M Hack

Large-scale wallet draining operation since December involving various assets across multiple chains. Victims urged to come forward.

Blur Launched P2P Perpetual Lending Protocol for NFTs

Blend allows NFT holders to borrow ETH against their NFTs as well as enabling Buy Now Pay Later purchases. More on how it works.


Equivalence Checker

A flexible and easy to use CLI tool that compares code for functional equivalence. The current prototype version supports Yul, Solidity, and CVL.

Zeromev API

This REST API provides transaction-level MEV summaries, including swap count & volume, sandwich imbalance and transaction timing data.


Devconnect Istanbul 2023

The week-long event, featuring a series of independent Ethereum events curated by domain experts, will take place from November 13-19, 2023.

MEV Blocker

Get paid while protecting your trades from sandwich attacks by simply switching wallet RPC endpoints. Flashbots also rolled out a similar feature.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: $500k in USDC Donated to GiveDirectly

Balaji's bet on BTC reaching $1M due to hyperinflation settled early and a part of it went to charity.

Address: Reaper's Gambit

An on-chain marathon where you must transfer your tokens to a new address every 9 days to escape the Reaper.


Questions received last month:

How do I revoke a token approval?
Simply go to and look up your address or domain name, connect your wallet, and revoke or edit token approvals from smart contracts as desired.

How can I get notified of transactions on an address?
When logged in, go to an address page and click the star icon next to the 'More' dropdown menu to add the address to your Watch List. You can then customize notification methods and add a description.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!

Pro Tip

Look up Uniswap V3 Positions of an address on Etherscan
Go to the Uniswap V3: Positions NFT page and filter for the desired address. If you also want to view a specific position on Uniswap, click on a position NFT, copy its Token ID, and append it to


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Quiz: Staking Withdrawals


Quiz: Staking Withdrawals

Answer this quiz on staking withdrawals and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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