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All aboard for the Shapella upgrade - it's shipping in April! The zkEVM space had its own fair share of shipping over the last month (cue a zero-knowledge meme). Out in the real world, we had banks suffering runs causing a huge depeg of major stablecoins.

At Etherscan we pushed various changes including an integration with Unstoppable Domains and a feature to display local time zones across the site.

In this issue, we look at the complex on-chain dynamics of USDC's recent depegging. We also have a flash loan quiz for you to answer for a chance to win $10 in ETH.


Guest Post

Complexity of a Stablecoin Run

Complexity of a Stablecoin "Run"

After a rollercoaster ride for USDC saw it dropping to $0.87 then recovering to $1 in one weekend, we examine patterns in the stablecoin's movements over the period. The analysis covers:

  • Direct USDC sends
  • Swaps of USDC in DEXs
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Unstoppable Domains Integration


Unstoppable Domains Integration

Browse, look up and display Unstoppable names on the explorer!

Local Time Zones


Local Time Zones

See time stamps of blocks and transactions across Etherscan in your local time zone.



Unstoppable Domains on Etherscan

Explore the chain with your domain now on both Ethereum and Polygon.

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Euler's $197M Exploit Led to a Series of Intricate Events

A flash loan attack that saw Euler Finance suffer a $197M loss triggered a series of events. Most of the stolen funds were recovered 3 weeks later.

ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Smart Contract is Live!

A step forward for UX and security on Ethereum. Answers to common questions on ERC-4337 can be found here.

Mainnet Shapella Upgrade on April 12

The execution (Shanghai) and consensus (Capella) layer upgrade to allow for stake withdrawals had been successfully tested on Sepolia and Goerli.

Primetime for zkEVM Scaling Solutions

Three different teams launched their respective zkEVM solutions in the space of a week: zkSync, Polygon zkEVM, and Linea.

MEV-Boost-Relay Exploited for $25 Million

The vulnerability exposed block contents before they were successfully published to the beacon network. The issue has been fixed with a patch.


Solidity Developer Survey 2022 Report

1401 developers from 100 countries took the survey, with 75% believing that the Solidity developer experience has improved over the last year.

viem, a TypeScript Interface for Ethereum

viem provides low-level stateless primitives for interacting with Ethereum, focusing on stability, developer experience, bundle size, and performance.


Mark Your Calendars for Devcon 7!

Devcon 7 is scheduled for 2024 in Southeast Asia. Go through the proposed locations in the Devcon forum and share support for your favorite one!

Microsoft to Add Crypto Wallet to Edge Browser

Hot on the heels of the OpenAI integration into Bing, Microsoft is testing a built-in crypto wallet for Microsoft Edge with support for NFTs and swaps.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Ronin Exploiter's Message to Euler Exploiter

The Ronin Bridge exploiter sent a suspicious encrypted message to the Euler exploiter after receiving 100 ETH from them.

Address: Arbitrum Token

Arbitrum token holders surged to 250,000 and daily transactions on Arbitrum One spiked to 2.7 million following the $ARB airdrop on March 23rd.


Questions received last month:

Why didn't I receive the Arbitrum token airdrop?
Etherscan and Arbiscan are block explorers that allow users to view transactions on Ethereum and Arbitrum. Our team does not have control over any token. Reach out to the Arbitrum Foundation for airdrop info.

Can I access an address page using domain names?
Yes. Enter an ENS or Unstoppable Domain name directly in the URL to access an address page. For example, type instead of the address hash in your browser. But beware of typos!

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Quiz: Flash Loans


Quiz: Flash Loans

Answer this quiz on flash loans and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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