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With the death of PoW Ethereum comes to life a new Ethereum, a succession celebrated by millions around the world, including - of all people - Chipotle!

As the community adjusts itself to the new world order of post-Merge Ethereum, so have Etherscan. We've added new post-Merge data across the site with more to come. We've also added some big updates to Blockscan Chat!

In this issue, we investigate block producer data just before and after the Merge. We also quiz you on new block information in the newly updated Ethereum. Answer for a chance to win $10 in ETH!


Guest Post

Consensus at the Threshold

Consensus at the Threshold

With the Merge behind us, we look at key data around block production in Ethereum just before and after it happened. Key themes are:

  • Decentralization
  • Censorship
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New Post-Merge Data


New Post-Merge Data

New data introduced after the Merge, such as Finalization status and Fee Recipients.

Blockscan Chat Updates


Blockscan Chat Updates

End-to-end encryption, contract addresses and browser notifications, what's not to like?



New Terms & Tooling for Proof of Stake

Confused on the new terms in Ethereum and tools you can use? This thread helps you get started, covering terms such as Slot, Epoch and Finalized.

Censorship... Wat Do?

With censorship the hot topic after the Merge and Tornado Cash sanctions, Jon Charbonneau discusses why it matters and what the community can do.

Discovery of Ethereum's Potentially Oldest and First NFT

The discovery of Linagee Name Registrar by NFT archaeologists prompted a wild spree of purchases, with 300,000 names registered within a few days.

Vulnerability in Profanity, an Ethereum Vanity Address Tool

Users who created vanity addresses with Profanity were caught by a rude surprise as it turned out that the generated addresses were unsafe.

What Kind of Layer 3s Make Sense?

An exploration into the different 'visions' of Layer 3s: customized functionality, customized scaling and weakly-trusted scaling.


Introducing CREATE3 Factory

A factory contract for deploying smart contracts to the same address on multiple chains (up to seven at time of writing) in a simple manner. a Swiss Army Knife for working with EVM

The website allows you to easily convert Ethereum unit amounts, checksummed addresses, hexadecimal numbers and Keccak256 hashes.


ETHOnline 2022 Summary

Possibly Ethereum's biggest-ever hackathon ended with 1,780 hackers, 360 submitted projects, 100 countries represented and $350,000+ in prizes.

EigenTx Chrome Extension

A transaction visualization tool that enables you to load detailed token flow graphs directly on Etherscan. Watch an explainer video here.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: 299 Ether Donation to Redox OS

An amount equivalent to 393,000 USD was donated to Redox OS, a Unix-like Operating System written in Rust.

Address: MEV Bot Earning 800 ETH then Hacked for 1,100 ETH

The bot had arbitraged $1.8 million worth of tokens in a single trade, which alerted a hacker to it who then exploited a critical flaw in the bot's code.


Questions received last month:

What are the different tabs in Etherscan's address page for?
An explanation of the various tabs can be found in our Knowledge Base. Read about it for EOA (Externally Owned Accounts) or normal addresses here and for contract addresses here.

How are Public Name Tags added on Etherscan?
The Etherscan team adds these name tags based on our analysts' findings, automated algorithms or reviewed community submissions. In the latter case, we would credit the community member who submitted it.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!


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Quiz: Post-Merge Blocks


Quiz: Post-Merge Blocks

Test your knowledge of post-Merge blocks with this quiz and stand to win $10 in ETH!

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