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Achievement unlocked! Etherscan reached meme-able status over the last month as several on point memes about the explorer were shared across the community. The wider space had their own 'achievements' as well, with new ground broken for rollups, hacks and... sanctions.

On the features front, July saw us improving the Token Approvals tool and adding a new Exchanges page on Blockscan.

For this issue our Guest Post provides a product guide for understanding Layer 2 chains, while the quiz tests your knowledge on a few Etherscan features. Answer it for a chance to win $10 in ETH!


Guest Post

Layer 2 Playgrounds

Layer 2 Playgrounds

Unsure what Layer 2s are or how to differentiate between them? This product guide helps you to do so by comparing four dimensions:

  • What makes an L2
  • Validation Method
  • Market Specialization
  • Ecosystem Progress
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Token Approvals Enhancement


Token Approvals Enhancement

Much faster loading times and less noise on the page by default.

Exchanges Page on Blockscan


Exchanges Page on Blockscan

A list for quickly discovering which leading exchange supports your favorite EVM chain.



The Different Types of ZK-EVMs

Scroll, Polygon and zkSync each announced their brand of ZK-EVM. Vitalik describes the various approaches, supplemented by this Immutable X post.

Tornado Cash Added to US Sanctions List

In a first for DeFi, the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control made it illegal for any U.S. persons to interact with Tornado Cash on Ethereum.

Nomad Bridge Hacked for Almost $200 Million

In what was described as the first decentralized robbery, hundreds of addresses exploited a flaw in the Nomad bridge and emptying its balance.

Slope Wallet Hack

Thousands of addresses in Solana and Ethereum were hacked, causing major FUD. Why? Slope had logged users' wallet seed phrases in plaintext!

A New Dawn, Arbitrum Nova is Open to the Public

Nova, Arbitrum's first AnyTrust chain, is optimized for gaming and social applications. It hosts Reddit's long-awaited Community Points.


100x Faster EVM Traces with Python

An introduction to evm-trace, a fast and correct Python library to work with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) traces.

A Historical Collection of Reentrancy Attacks

A common, chronological list of reentrancy attacks, analyses included. Shared with the goal of improving developer design patterns.


The Complete Guide to Rollups

A massive 83-minute read covering the economics of modular blockchains and various flavors of rollups - sovereign, enshrined, settlement and more.

The Ethereum Merge Explained

Finematics is back with an article and video on the upcoming Merge, touching on its economic implications, risks and misconceptions.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Nomad Bridge Funds Recovery Process

Following the hack, Nomad reached out to hackers on-chain asking for funds to be returned. At least $36 million has been returned.

Address: Tornado.Cash 0.1 ETH

An on-chain troll withdrew 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash to dozens of public Ethereum addresses, after OFAC announced its sanctions.


Questions received last month:

Can addresses be blacklisted from using USDT or USDC?
Yes. Both tokens have functions built into their smart contracts to blacklist addresses from interacting with their token. These addresses are labelled with "Blocked" on Etherscan.

Why do some ENS names have * and bolded characters in their name?
ENS names may include unicode characters used to mislead others, such as added accents or even invisible changes to a character. The bolded characters and * allow users to easily identify names with these characters.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!


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Quiz: Testnets


Quiz: Etherscan Features

How well do you know Etherscan's features? Answer and stand to win $10 in ETH!

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