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April was another crazy ride for both crypto and the wider economy. DeFi set new records for both its biggest hack yet and its largest refund by a hacker. WTI crude oil prices dropped below 0, inspiring a series of "oil barrels needed to stake Ethereum 2.0" tweets.

Progress on Ethereum continue on. A new test network, simulation of a much-anticipated EIP, and dapp governance are three highlights of many. On our end, we introduce two new features.



Etherscan Connect

Etherscan Connect: A Beginning

We are lucky to have a community of users actively contributing to us and  to each other. At times, some of these efforts can go unnoticed. What better way to recognize this than by building it on Etherscan?

Etherscan Connect allows you to share your profile, follow other users, publish your own name tags and highlight others'. A leaderboard on the main page highlights top users as selected by all Etherscaners.

This is merely the beginning. We'd like you to try it out and tell us how you want to see it grow. To add a bit of fun, we'll give a shout out to the user with the most Liked Name Tags in next month's newsletter!

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Poll Insights


Block #2 Newsletter Poll Insights

A look into your responses to our poll on exchange trading last month.



Every Transaction Hash Protect

Information is empowering! We open up tracing of tainted funds to the end user.


Launch a Decentralized Website!

Find your .crypto domain and take part in the decentralized web.

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Uniswap/Lendf.Me Hacks: Root Cause and Loss Analysis

An analysis of two hacks exploiting an incompatibility between the ERC-777 imBTC token and contracts used by both DeFi dapps. The latter amounted to $25 million, which was later returned by the hacker.

Introducing ETH 2.0 Topaz Testnet

Prysmatic Labs launched their testnet with full Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 mainnet configuration, reaching 20,000 validators within 2 days!

Value Transferred on Ethereum Reached Parity with Bitcoin

Ethereum matched Bitcoin in value transferred daily this month and looks set to overtake it. Stablecoins accounted for 80% of this value.

Fortmatic SDK Makes Passwords Disappear with Magic

The magic link authentication SDK allows web 2 apps or non-crypto websites to enable password-less logins and transact with Ethereum.

Compound Governance is Live

Community governance has replaced the Compound protocol administrator. The two largest DeFi platforms are now governed by token holders.


EF-Supported Teams: Research & Development Update

The Ethereum Foundation provides an update on progress made by the numerous teams working to grow and improve Ethereum.

Simulation of EIP 1559: A Transaction Fee Market Proposal

EIP 1559 is one of the most anticipated upgrades to Ethereum's economic model. This simulation explores the mechanism's dynamics.


Announcing the Ethereum Meetup Support Program

Calling all Ethereum meetup organizers to apply for the program! The announcement followed from a survey sent to meetup organizers.

Unicode Face Sketches on Ethereum

One developer found a novel way to spend his time under movement restrictions; by immemorializing face sketches on smart contracts!

The Community section is for highlighting contributions by people like you. If you'd like to share yours, let us know!



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