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Progress towards Ethereum's Merge continues unabated. Both Ropsten and Sepolia testnets are now running in post-Merge mode. Goerli is the last testnet to undergo the process, after which it will be mainnet's turn.

On top of preparing the block explorer for the Merge, in June Etherscan has worked on improving popular features such as the Watch List and Method filter.

This month, our analysis takes an updated look at the price charts shared in early 2021. The quiz touches on Ethereum testnets - answer it to receive a chance of winning $10 in ETH!



Numba Go Up... 1.5 Years Later

Numba Go Up... 1.5 Years Later

A retrospective look at the price charts shared in early 2021. How does the market today compare? Key observations include:

  • Emergence of meme, fan engagement & NFT-related tokens
  • The challenge of out-performing ETH
  • Trend breakers
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ERC-721 & 1155 in Watch List


ERC-721 & ERC-1155 in Watch List

Receive email alerts when NFTs are transferred to and from watched addresses.

Method Filter for EOAs


Method Filter for EOAs

Non-contract address support; also suggestions based on recent transactions.



Algorand: Speed without Sacrifice

High performance, green blockchain optimized for speed, security, and scale.

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Crypto Collapse: 3AC, Voyager, Celsius, other DeFi Casualties

Keeping track of the fallout from Luna's crash is hard. Nocoiner Amy Castor does a good job keeping up, even if the tone may be a tad snarky!

The Arbitrum Odyssey

Arbitrum users flocked in droves to the optimistic rollup to earn NFT and (a highly speculated) airdrop rewards. So much traffic that it had to be paused.

8th edition of Ethereum Foundation Research's AMA Series

A cool Ask-Me-Anything session provided updates on items such as single slot finality, enshrined rollups, LSD (liquid staking derivatives) and more.

DNS Hijack Attack on 4 DeFi Projects

Convex Finance, Ribbon Finance, DeFi Saver and Allbridge had their DNS changed. Addresses mirroring first and last 4 characters were used to phish.

Attempted Hack with 3-Click Crypto Stealer

Security researcher Samczsun breaks down an attempted hack that only needed 3 clicks to compromise his address and shares protection tips.


Surl, a HTTP Library for Solidity

Based on curl, the library allows you to easily make HTTP requests as part of your Solidity tests and scripts.

EVM Deep Dives: Transaction Receipts & Event Logs

The series by noxx goes in-depth into a key data structure of the EVM, covering from the block header down to the internals of an event log.


Way of the DAO

Shapeshift founder Erik Voorhees pens his thoughts on their transition from traditionally-structured VC-backed corporate entity into a full DAO.

Ways of Due Diligence Before Collecting Art

Artist yunyuliart walks through due diligence steps for NFT buyers: reverse image search, artist art progress, on-chain tracking and Etherscan tags.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Fake Telegram Expose

A much-hyped planned expose of Telegram messages turned out to be a hoax, as shared in an IDM (Input Data Message).

Address: Aztec Connect

The Aztec team introduced private DeFi to Ethereum, launching a zkRollup that doesn't just zero-knowledge proofs for scaling but also privacy.


Questions received last month:

Which testnets should developers use going forward?
Devs are highly encouraged to migrate their test contracts to Goerli and Sepolia. Other testnets are considered deprecated and will not be supported in future. For more details, read the Deprecation Announcement.

How can I read the full on-chain message on Etherscan?
To view the full text of any lengthy on-chain message or IDM, simply scroll down to the Input Data field of a transaction, view the data in UTF-8 and drag down the bottom right corner.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
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Quiz: Testnets


Quiz: Testnets

A quick review of testnets - take it and stand to win $10 in ETH!

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