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Big brands jumped all over the NFT hype last month with a host of new marketplaces and integrations announced, while Devconnect in Amsterdam reminded us of the exciting infinite game we are lucky to be contributing to.

Etherscan made a bunch of new updates including a multichain explorer, additional address filters and doubling of user limits.

Our Guest Post for this month is a walkthrough of Etherscan shareable with any normie friend. The quiz covers tips for securing your wallet and social accounts. Answer it for a chance to win $10 in ETH.


Guest Post

How to Use the Google of Ethereum

How to Use the Google of Ethereum

A beginner-friendly guide to using Etherscan that won't scare off your crypto-curious friend, covering popular pages such as Transactions, Addresses, Gas Tracker, NFTs and Token Approvals.

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Multichain Explorer


Multichain Explorer

Load up to 10,000 transactions per address across 31 separate chains on Blockscan.

More Address Filters


More Address Filters

New filters for transactions in an address page: Method (contracts only), Age, Block.



ZenGo: The Safest Wallet in Town

Secure your assets from web3 threats when connecting to Dapps. Try it and get $50.

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Coinbase Launches an NFT Marketplace

The exchange announced its NFT marketplace amidst a raft of similar news: by its competitor Kraken, the messaging app Line, and even Instagram!

Introducing the Optimism Collective

The Optimism Layer 2 rollup announced a ground-breaking governance token airdrop, followed shortly after by Layer 2 bridge Hop Protocol.

'Alien' Director Ridley Scott to Produce Film about Ethereum

The film adaptation of "The Infinite Machine" by Camilla Russo, a book chronicling the earliest days of Ethereum, looks to be in good hands.

BAYC Instagram & Discord Hacked: $13 Million in NFTs Stolen

Hackers used The Bored Ape Yacht Club social accounts to display a fake, malicious mint link to followers. About 54 NFTs were stolen.

$18 Billion Stablecoin UST Loses Peg Twice

The algorithmic stablecoin went as low as $0.65, even with newly deployed BTC reserves. A $1 billion investment to shore it up may be underway.


A Compilation of Recordings from DevConnect

For the devs that missed out on or are missing Devconnect. Videos to watch include Layer Two Amsterdam, Solidity Summit and Applied ZK Workshop.


A convenient tool for quickly getting the start block of a smart contract deployed on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism and other networks.


DefiLlama Releases a New APY Dashboard

An open-source dashboard tracking the yields from 7,000 pools across 24 chains, including historical charts and machine learning-backed predictions.

Open-Sourced Tips on Cybersecurity

Arthur0x covers tips shared by leading cybersecurity experts, including dedicated computers for crypto transactions and Etherscan's Watch List.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Contract Deployment that 'Trolled' Web3 Sites

A dedicated troll temporarily changed the Method field for all contract deployment transactions on Etherscan to "At Inversebrah". Promptly fixed!

Address: Otherdeeds NFT

The minting of virtual land caused huge congestion on Ethereum. Etherscan was down for a planned maintenance, making user experience even worse.


Questions received last month:

Some tokens with emoji names/symbols aren't shown properly. Why?
Etherscan doesn't display emojis (or unicode characters) in token name or symbols unless the token has its information verified and updated. If your favorite emoji-laden token isn't updated yet, get the team to update it.

Sometimes my address's token balance isn't updated until later. Why?
For non-standard erc-20 token transfers (such as a WETH deposit), the token balance may not be updated in the address page immediately. In this case, it will take a page refresh or two to load.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!


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Quiz: Wallet Security


Wallet Security

Answer questions about securing your wallets and stand to win $10 in ETH.

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