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Both Ethereum and Etherscan reached new levels of cultural adoption over the last month. American Football legend Tom Brady turned fanboy over Vitalik, while Etherscan received our first Netflix airtime.

On the features side, we released a much-needed option to ignore transactions of tokens with poor reputation and an NFT Trades tab. Additionally, Blockscan Chat had its first integrations with other projects in the community.

This month, our Guest Post covers Crypto Charity and the quiz covers Bridge Security. Answer it and stand to win $10 in ETH!


Guest Post

'Spoof' Tokens on Etherscan

Coordination and Crypto Charity

Our guest writer, Takens Theorem, explores four coordination patterns across a sample of 100,000 crypto charity transactions worth $2 billion dollars: viral, initiative-based, automated and spontaneous.

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Hide Poor Rep


Hide Poor Reputation Tokens

Declutter your address page by simply turning on an option in Token Ignore List!

NFT Trades


NFT Trades Tab

View a list of the most recent trades involving any ERC-721 or ERC-1125 token.



Neon Labs Releases EVM on Solana!

Now Ethereum dApps can access Solana's scalability and liquidity. No code changes.

Test Neon EVM



Axie Infinity's Ronin Validators Compromised

The Ronin bridge was hacked for $625M after 5 of 9 validators were compromised. Within a week, $150M was raised to help reimburse users.

The Roads Not Taken

A retroactive on different design decisions that Ethereum could've made in its past and how those might have affected the protocol today.

Blockscan Chat Integration

LooksRare became the first NFT marketplace to integrate Blockscan Chat. AlphaWallet had earlier been the first wallet to integrate the feature.

Stuff You Should Know: Proof of Stake

Addressing common questions about the Merge, including when it will happen, centralization concerns and money-printing claims.

24 Top Web3 Resources

A viral Twitter thread on key articles you should read to get up to speed on Web3, NFTs, cryptoeconomics, DAOs and more.


The Tokenized Vault Standard (ERC-4626) is Final

A new yield-bearing token standard has been finalized by the community, supported by the likes of Yearn, Alchemix, Balancer and Rari Capital.

A Thread of Solidity Trivia

A long list of trivia questions on using Solidity, including on gas efficiency and how to manipulate data storage. How do you score?


Prysm Supermajority of Beacon Chain Clients Dissolved

Client diversity is a critical goal of Ethereum's POS design. A main concern had been the centralization of Prysm clients. This is now mitigated.

Types of Rollups

A new framework for describing different types of rollups, including regular, immutable, enshrined and sovereign rollups.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: 8-Digit Bet on $LUNA Price

A bet made on the 1-year price of LUNA escalated quickly, roping in a third party escrow and blowing up from 2 to 22 million dollars.

Address: Arthur0x Wallet Hacker

A social engineering attacker who stole the private keys of popular crypto investor Arthur0x by faking an email from one of his portfolio companies.


Questions received last month:

I see tokens of brands such as Gucci on Etherscan. Are these legit?
Gucci has launched a token, but most tokens with brand names on Etherscan are fake ones created and spammed to many addresses. Head to the Token Ignore List to hide these tokens with poor reputation.

Why isn't my ENS name showing on Etherscan?
Assuming you've set forward and reverse resolution correctly, the name may not be displayed currently if you used a custom resolver, a custom TLD or a subdomain based on wildcard or off-chain resolution.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
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Quiz: Bridge Security


Bridge Security

Answer some questions on the security of bridges and stand to win $10 in ETH.

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