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The last month has continued 2021's trend of sucking up yet more names into the cryptoverse, from Adidas to Discord and even the US constitution! Though some of these ended in failure, the drift towards web3 is inevitable. We also celebrated one year of the Beacon chain with a roadmap for Ethereum development (made up of blocks termed Merge, Surge, Verge, Purge and Splurge - fine rhythm work over at the Ethereum Foundation).

Over at Etherscan, we made long-awaited changes to the Transaction page: adding transaction navigation, tweaking the UI, and supporting Flashbots private transactions. NFTs are also getting more love on the site. A dedicated section is now included in the Token Holdings page, with more coming soon.

This issue's analysis covers custodied ETH while the quiz touches on History Expiry in the Purge block of Ethereum's roadmap! Answer it and stand to win $10 in ETH.



A Look at Custodied ETH

A Look at Custodied ETH

We take a gander at ETH held in the custodial wallets of top exchanges, addressing questions such as:

  • How much ETH is custodied on exchanges
  • Which exchange holds and moves the most ETH
  • Whether ETH inflow and outflow affects price
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Transaction Navigation


Transaction Navigation ++

Navigate across transactions by sender. Also: UI tweaks and Flashbots Protect.

NFTs in Token Holdings


NFTs in Token Holdings

View your ERC-721, ERC-1155, ENS and Unstoppable Domains tokens in one place!



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ConstitutionDAO: An Attempt To Buy the US Constitution

The crowdfunding effort raised $40M in 7 days from 17,437 contributors, ultimately losing the auction but memeing DAOs into the mainstream.

The NFT Bay: A Site to Right-Click Save Your NFTs

An NFT critic created a torrent site for users to 'right-click save' NFT images. In true web3 fashion, it was itself then NFT'ed and sold for 4.1 ETH!

New PayPal App Provides More Ways to Explore Crypto

The new app makes it even easier for users to buy, sell and checkout crypto with millions of merchants.

"Probably Nothing": Discord Founder Teased Web3 Sign-In

Discord's founder teased a Sign-in to Discord via Web3 wallet function. "Probably" became "definitely" following backlash from gaming users.

A Thread of Post-2016 Crypto Classics

A priceless thread for newcomers and old-timers alike, listing articles that share valuable frameworks about the crypto space.


with Ethereum

The open source repo describes how Ethereum accounts can authenticate with off-chain services by signing a standard message format.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap for Scaling Rollups

A roadmap of expanding transaction calldata and gradually increasing shards. For a (slightly) more digestible take, refer to this Reddit thread.


Bootstrap Testnet Wallets with Paradigm's MultiFaucet

A faucet supporting 8 EVM testnets that drips 1 ETH, 1 wETH, 500 DAI, and 5 ERC-721 NFTs. It simply requires sigining in with Twitter before each use.

Review of Optimism Retro Funding Round 1

Optimism put retrospective public goods funding into action by allocating $1M to certain projects (including Etherscan). Vitalik reviews the results.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Ethereum Foundation 20,000 ETH Withdrawal

The EF has a track record of 'calling the local top' when divesting large ETH holdings. They timed it right this time too - "oh jeez" was spot on!

Address: ToadRunnerz Arcade NFT

An NFT with a cool twist - any user may load up an arcade game guiding toadz across deserts and highways and play it directly on the NFT art!


Questions received last month:

Should I trust messages in the Comments tab of an Address page?
Any user may impersonate another or the Etherscan team when posting. Our team's posts come with a Mod label and we actively remove phishing messages, but you should take care when reading the Comments tab.

What are honeypot tokens and how do I avoid them?
Honeypot tokens work by allowing only certain addresses to withdraw or sell tokens. Traders who ape into buying these tokens later find out that they are unable to sell. Tools to detect honeypots include and

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
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Quiz: History Expiry


History Expiry

Take a quiz on history expiry and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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