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Ethereum's Layer 2 made splashes recently with names such as TikTok and Visa making announcements related to it. NFTs continued their relentless march to adoption as even Twitter teased a feature highlighting them. It wasn't all happy news though, as regulatory changes made in China forced Spark Pool and Gas Now to shut down their widely used services.

On Etherscan's side, we pushed a number of features this month: DEX Trading Pairs, IDM and Transaction Error Messages chief among them.

In this issue we take a look at how much has changed for bridges on Ethereum in the four months since we last analyzed them. For our poll, we quiz you on Ethereum's Layer 2. Answer it and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!



Ethereum Bridges: 4 Months On

Ethereum Bridges: 4 Months On

A sequal to our Bridge Activity on Ethereum written four months ago, we explore how much the metrics have shifted since then, including::

  • Balance held by the respective chains
  • Deposits and withdrawals on each chain
  • Breakdown of bridged tokens
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DEX Trading Pairs


DEX Trading Pairs

View the hottest DEX trading pairs on Ethereum as well as details on each pair.

IDM (Input Data Messages)


IDM (Input Data Messages)

Generate a chat history for any address on Ethereum and share it with the world!



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TikTok launches first creator-led NFT collection

TikTok Top Moments features some of the most viral memes on TikTok such as "Kombucha girl" and is powered by the Immutable X Layer 2 ZK-rollup.

Visa Unveils 'Layer 2' Network for Stablecoins and CBDCs

A "universal payments channel" facilitating transactions between stablecoins and CBDCs with Ethereum as the proposed base layer.

Société Générale Applied for $20 million Collateral to Maker

The third largest bank in France made a collateral onboarding application backed by EUR bonds to refinance a Covered Bond Token issued last year.

A 27-Year-Old Bohemian Prince Jumps Into NFTs

The Czech Republic's Lobkowicz family is auctioning off NFTs to help pay for the restoration of its artwork collection and ancestral castle.

Chinese Ethereum Mining Pool SparkPool to Halt All Services

Done to comply with new regulatory requirements in China, a knock-on effect is the shutdown of popular gas price estimator Gas Now.


Modular vs Monolithic Sharding & ZK-Monolithic

Comparing the modular blockchain vision of Ethereum - separate execution, security and data availability layers - with the single network vision of others.

Introducing CREATE3

A tiny library for deploying contracts from contracts, ensuring that a contract can be created with a specific address.


Why Web 3 Matters

A thread on the significance of Web 3, where users can avoid the limited functionality of Web 1 or the corporate, centralized model of Web 2.

A Note on the Limits of Cryptoeconomics

A discussion on cryptoeconomics, the limits of its approaches to governance and how it could be augmented with to improve its usefulness.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: A $23.7 Million Mistake

A transaction costing $23.7 million in fees was mistakenly made using DeversiFi. Luckily for the sender, fees were returned by the block's miner.

Address: Compound Comptroller

A new upgrade to Compound Finance contained a bug that allowed its users to claim a total of $80 million in COMP token as rewards.


Questions received last month:

Are error messages for transactions safe to follow?
Error messages are written by a contract's creators. Some may include links to phishing sites that prey on unsuspecting users. We advise caution when interacting with messages that suggest steps or link to external sites.

Why do some ERC-1155 tokens not have names or symbols?
The ERC-1155 token standard does not require the inclusion of Name and Symbol functions, leading some projects to neglect them. If you know a particular token's name, let us know! We will verify and update if it's correct.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!


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Quiz: Layer 2


Quiz: Layer 2

Answer our quiz on Ethereum's Layer 2 and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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