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March has been far from a bed of roses, with the realities of COVID-19 and an economic downturn hitting many of us at the same time. DeFi too had its own Black Thursday event: $8 million in MakerDAO's DAI collateral was effectively lost within 24 hours.

The community has been quick to respond. Cancelled conferences turned into virtual events, while a backstop syndicate was promptly set up to protect MakerDAO's debt auctions.

This month, we:

  • Introduce the Etherscan Assist Package (EAP)
  • Share a campaign: Buy & trade on OKEx to get free $20 🔥




Etherscan - Adapting to the new "NEW" and the EAP

Recent events worldwide have been unprecedented in scale and severity. While we adapt to these novel circumstances, we are keen on helping other projects building on Ethereum to navigate them too.

With the EAP, we are looking to provide selected projects with benefits including complimentary higher tier API service, advertisement credits and newsletter marketing.

Our founder's message explains it further.

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2020 Virtual Events List


2020 Virtual Events List

Event organizers were quick to adapt to movement restrictions and we followed suit!

Token Check Tool


Token Balance Checker

Check the token balance of any address at any point in time with this nifty feature.

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Buy, Sell & Trade Crypto in Minutes

Buy & Trade on OKEx to get a total of $20 bonus in BTC and USDT. Valid for first 500!

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Black Thursday: $8.32 million liquidated for 0 DAI

A look into the circumstances that led to 0-DAI liquidations and the immediate impact. The MakerDAO team has since taken remedial efforts, including an MKR Debt Auction and approving USDC as DAI collateral.

Vitalik's approx. roadmap of ETH 2 over the next 5-10 years

This is for the flowchart fans! The Twitter thread also highlights how research has shifted from "blue sky"-type to more concrete developments.

What ETH2 has learned from ETH1

From monetary policy to statelessness, the article and thread discusses important changes being made for ETH2 to replace ETH1.

India's Supreme court lifted ban on trading cryptocurrencies

Reserve Bank of India had earlier issued a circular in 2018 directing banks not to deal with cryptocurrency, leading to the closure of exchanges in India.

EY, Consensys & Microsoft-backed Baseline Protocol now live

An open source initiative that enables enterprises to execute secure and private business processes at low cost via the public Ethereum Mainnet.


2020 Blockchain Developer Report

Report from a survey of Ethereum developers. Key takeaways include how devs are concerned on implications of ETH2 and that they care about decentralization, but don’t believe the public does.


Maker Backstop Syndicate

To support Maker's Debt Auction, community members came together to act as a buyer of last resort should the auction price drop to 100 DAI/MKR.

Semaphore, a zero-knowledge gadget for Ethereum released

A generic privacy layer for Ethereum applications based on zk-SNARks, this open source, fully audited library is now available for devs to build on.

ETHGlobal Developer Survey 2020

ETHGlobal is running its developer survey. Answer all questions and be eligible for prizes including 100 DAI and free tickets to Devcon 6!

The Community section is for highlighting contributions by people like you. If you'd like to share yours, let us know!

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