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The last month saw the largest ever cryptocurrency hack in dollar terms, with $611 million stolen from PolyNetwork. On top of the humongous amount, the hack also caught attention due to the hacker freely conversing with others by sending messages via Ethereum transactions. They even included a series of Q&As!

The NFT minting wave continue unabated. A twist to the formula was recently introduced with the LOOT token. The gaming asset NFT was mintable for free without any company, product or community backing it. It quickly escalated in value, sparked off countless copies & derivative tokens and upturned conventional wisdom on product-building.

Inspired by the PolyNetwork exploiter's use of Ethereum messages, this month we explore Ethereum as a messaging app. Answer questions on Ethereum messages and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!



Ethereum: the Messaging App

Ethereum: the Messaging App

We take a look at the various ways Ethereum users have been using their wallets to communicate with the world and each other, including:

  • Input Data Messages (IDM)
  • Non-Standard IDMs
  • Verified Signatures
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Transaction Decoder


Transaction Decoder

Explore complex contract interactions more easily with features such as execution trace.

New Token Holdings Page


New Token Holdings Page

A beta release update which includes the addition of LP tokens.



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Republic of Panama Introduces Bill for Regulating Crypto

As BTC starts life as legal tender in El Salvador, Panama introduced a bill aiming to recognize BTC and ETH as alternative global payment methods.

NFT Traders Dropping Millions on Text-Based LOOT Tokens

An NFT mintable for free with neither art attached nor a website, company, product or community ended up being traded for millions of dollars.

Two Rights Might Make A Wrong

Security auditor Samczsun found yet another critical vulnerability - this time in SushiSwap's MISO platform. Mudit recounted the war room experience..

Full DNS Namespace Integration to ENS Live on Mainnet

The integration enables a DNS domain owner to import it for use on ENS. A .com website owner could receive crypto sent directly to their site name!

Bug Impacting over 50% of Ethereum Clients Led to Fork

A bug in older Geth clients caused half of all nodes to split from the main network. Most miners had updated their clients, avoiding major issues.


Draft of a "How to Become a Better Solidity Dev" Document

Lots of useful advice shared by Solidity devs in this Twitter thread, from not rolling your own math library to avoiding useless gas optimizations.

Saving Gas Fees for Users of an NFT Drop

For developers planning an NFT drop, a few lines of code suggested in this thread may save their users million of dollars in fees.


L2 Beat's Layer 2 Risk Dashboard

View in one glance the risk factors for each Layer 2 chain - such as upgradeability, state validation and user options when operators are down.

L2 Fees: Compare Transaction Fees between L1 and L2 Chains

A partnership between CryptoFees and L2Beat to show us Layer 2 Fees. It displays estimated dollar costs of transferring and swapping ETH & tokens.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: $1 Million SushiSwap Bounty Paid to Samczsun

The vulnerability on MISO could have resulted in $350 million of financial losses. This is possibly the largest whitehat bug bounty ever paid!

Address: FIRST Token

Inspired by LOOT, FIRST is a satirical on-chain generative text NFT about NFT firsts. The twist: minting costs 0.01 ETH and proceeds are donated.


Questions received last month:

After EIP-1559, how do I read Etherscan's Gas Price suggestion?
For most users who want a simple number to refer to, use our Gas Tracker the same way as before. For those who want to see network base fee, look for the Base and Priority numbers below each Gas Price suggestion.

Why are there tokens with names not matching that in Read Contract?
Certain tokens can have their names be programmatically changed on-chain by the contract creator after it is already deployed. Currently, Etherscan requires the creator to contact us to change it on our UI.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!


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Quiz: Ethereum Messages


Quiz: Ethereum Messages

Answer our quiz on Ethereum Messages and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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