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The London upgrade launched in early August with the long-awaited EIP 1559. This month's issue is dedicated to this improvement made to Ethereum, as we joined tens of thousands in the community celebrating it!

Etherscan's services - from the site data, charts and API - have been gradually updated to reflect the changes introduced by the upgrade. Other than EIP 1559, we've recently introduced changes that improve the experience of searching for transactions and addresses across Etherscan and other EVM chains.

Both the analysis article and quiz get into this month's hot topic. Learn more and answer questions on EIP 1559 to stand a chance of winning $10 in ETH!



A First Look at Post-EIP 1559 Ethereum

A First Look at Post-EIP 1559 Ethereum

At block 1,265,000, Ethereum pushed its London upgrade with the long-awaited EIP 1559. In this article we look at data from the blockchain in its first 2 days after London. Key highlights include:

  • Burnt Fees
  • Gas Prices
  • ETH Inflation
  • EIP 1559 Transactions
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View Addresses on 17 EVM Chains


View Addresses on 17 EVM Chains

Easily check if an address exists in other EVM chains using Blockscan.

From and To Filters in Address Page


From and To Filters in Address Page

Quickly analyze transactions made between a sender and recipient address.



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Dramatic Recounting of a Metamask Account Getting Robbed

u/007happyguy recounted how their wallet got phished and the rescue of funds by a fellow community member, who shared their side of the story too.

DeFi Gets Proactive About Policy Thanks to a $20M UNI Grant

The DeFi Education Fund launched with 500,000 UNI in funds and initial controversy. Later regulatory news explained the immediacy of the action.

DeFi Characters Adorning the Cover of Fortune Magazine

A landmark in Ethereum cultural adoption, Fortune magazine included a bunch of DeFi pepes and anonymous avatars on their August/Sept cover.

Tweet on Client Nodes Capable of Destabilizing Consensus

This tweet sparked off a huge debate about the morality of building tools or ​paying for chain reorganizations, resulting in a summit just on reorgs.

Scaling Reddit Community Points on Ethereum with Arbitrum

A year after first exploring Ethereum scaling solutions ​for their Community Points, Reddit finally settled on Arbitrum's Optimistic Rollup design.


Securem Bootcamp for Smart Contract Security Auditing

Funded by the Ethereum Foundation and sponsored by entities such as Consensys Diligence, this bootcamp from Oct-Dec is open for applications.

Ethereum Dev Speed Run

Popular buidler Austin Griffith published his quick sharable list of how to get started and learn the ropes of Ethereum development.


Ethereum: The Infinite Garden Documentary

The community rallied around a ground-breaking experiment to fundraise the first documentary film through NFTs, raising 1,000 ETH for it.

How to Mint an NFT Directly on Etherscan

A Twitter thread explaining how people can get ahead in minting NFTs in airdrops by interacting with smart contracts directly on Etherscan went viral.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Failed NFT Mint Costing 5.82 ETH

This failed transaction attempting to mint a Stoner Cat NFT inspired a song NFT poking fun at it, which then made money back for the original sender!

Address: zzp45_eth

Using flaws in bots, an on-chain virus and a trojan horse token, this address exploited $1 million out of arbitrage bots and left a message for them.


Questions received last month:

How do I transfer my AXS and SLP tokens to the Ronin sidechain?
As Axie Infinity reached new peaks in user activity, we've also reached new peaks on support tickets about bridging to its sidechain. You need to interact with the Ronin bridge, not transfer to its contract address.

Should I enter my seed phrase in links shared by a team's support?
Be extremely careful. We have seen a high prevalence of phishing attempts imitating the support team of projects such as Metamask or Trust Wallet on platforms such as Twitter and Telegram.

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Quiz: EIP 1559


Quiz: EIP 1559

Take a quiz on the recently releasesd EIP 1559 and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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