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As the overall market continued its bearish trend in June, a couple of trending topics stood out: security reminders and name domains. Infrastructure providers and wallets have been busy preparing for EIP-1559 changes. If you've been lurking on our testnet explorers, you may have noticed a change or two.

Other than EIP-1559, we've been heads down on improving our new explorers and working on new features we hope will enrich your experience on Etherscan.

In this issue our analysis article and quiz dive into the topic of name domains. As always we hope it adds new insights and (for some readers) an extra $10 in ETH!



4 Metrics Showcasing ENS Adoption

4 Metrics Showcasing ENS Adoption

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is one of the earliest projects within Ethereum. It has received lots of attention lately (readers from last month may remember us adding ENS Name Tags as a feature). We take a look at the data behind this resurgence, covering:

  • 30x increase of new addresses from February to June
  • ENS users making up a sizable portion of Gitcoin & POAP users
  • ENS users' holdings rivaling the biggest whales
  • Estimated annualized revenue exceeding $2 million
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Input Data in Arrays Decode-able


Input Data in Arrays Decode-able

Smart contract functions such as Uniswap's Multicall now easier to make sense of.

Auto Refreshing Gas Tracker


Auto Refreshing Gas Tracker

Quality-of-life update: no more need for refreshing the page every few seconds!



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A Thread on Security Best Practices in Crypto

A compilation of 15 tips (plus more in the replies) on securing your hard-earned crypto wealth, including this thread specifically for NFT artists.

Criminals Mailing Altered Ledger Devices to Steal Crypto

Fallout from the leak of Ledger's customer details continues. One such customer received a fake Ledger device aiming to steal their seed phrase.

How Ethereum Accidentally Solved Single Sign-On

A thread going over the Internet's Single Sign-On problem and how Ethereum has solved it with the use of wallets and human-readable names.

France are "First of Many" National Team NFTs by Sorare

A licensing agreement was announced with the France Football Federation to release the digital trading cards during Euro 2020. Virtual Summit

An 8-hour long summit involving the smartest brains in Ethereum, tackling the Maximal Extractable Value problem. Agenda and slides shared here.


Weiroll: Chaining Smart Contract Operations Together

A tool released by the founder of ENS, it enables chaining together Virtual Machine operations in a simple and gas-efficient manner.

Solidify: Auto Detect & Classify Smart Contract Security Risks

A tool by Coinbase that aims to automate, standardize, and scale the process of evaluating smart contract security.


Beacon Book Text and NFTs are Live

Stateful Works released "a collection of perspectives from 46 eth2 researchers and implementers". You can sign up to mint an exclusive copy!

Common NFT Scams to Avoid

Mycrypto walks through some of the most prevalent NFT scams out around including artist impersonation, fake storefronts and deceitful bidding.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: First-Ever 1559 Tx on a Public Ethereum Network

This transaction was done on the Ropsten testnet - note the new fields added for 1559. Keep an eye on Block 12,965,000 for the Mainnet launch!

Address: Twitter's "The 140 Collection"

Twitter jumped fully onboard the NFT train, minting 140 unique NFTs for 140 lucky users. Check out the collection on Rarible.


Questions received last month:

Can ENS Names be used for phishing?
Yes. ENS supports Unicode characters which can be used to fake another name. On Etherscan, we currently display an asterisk (*) in front of any name that has Unicode characters. Names may not belong to the person popularly associated with it, e.g. elon.eth may not belong to Elon Musk.

How do I know which block explorers are created by Etherscan?
The only explorers created by Team Etherscan are those listed in our website footer or on this page.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!


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Quiz: Blockchain Name Domains


Quiz: Blockchain Name Domains

Take our quiz on blockchain name domains and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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